Nattøy og behagelige lounge klær casual hverdag

What is Chill Series?

Pajamas for women

Our Chill Series fits as the name implies excellent for relaxing. Whether you are looking for good basics for everyday use or garments you can use for relaxing days on the couch, it is important to find basics that are as comfortable as possible. This means that the fabric retains heat, is soft and comfortable and feels light on the body. Our chill range meets all the requirements for the perfect relaxation and can also be used as nightwear.

Pajama top with silk ribbon

Chill Long Sleeve is a perfect basic garment that can be worn alone or under a thicker sweater on cold days. Our chill longsleeve is the perfect basic garment that suits any temperature. The sweater comes in the colors black and mauve.

Svart chill genser til dame  Chill long-sleeve pysjamas til dame


Pajama t-shirt

Chill Short Sleeve Tee is a great basic garment that can be used both at home or with a nice pair of trousers if you are going on a city trip and want to dress up a little. It is available in three colors, mauve, black and white, all of which are easy to match with other garments.

T-skjorte til dame   Kort langermet genser

Pajamas singlet

Chill Tank Top perfect for relaxing on hot summer days when the fabric is thin and light, or as a simple basic under warmer clothes in winter as it also helps to keep warm. A must-have basic that goes for most things.

Rosa tank top  Sort singlet til dame
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