beste yogaklær til dame

Best yoga clothes for women

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that requires more than just physical activity , but also mental training. Yoga involves several different exercises that vary in endurance and that involve breathing exercises and meditation , so then it is important to be able to concentrate well. Since yoga is about physical activity which in many ways is very calm and is meant to create inner peace, you may want to choose good yoga clothes that will contribute to a relaxed and successful workout. Here we have made a guide with them best yoga clothes for women in 2022.

Best yoga top

When it comes to doing yoga, it's enough a little different what one prefers to use as a top. Others prefer to wear something with long sleeves, while others think it is best to wear something without sleeves to give more freedom of movement. In yoga, there are many possibilities, and we will take a closer look at that. If you want a long-sleeved training sweater for yoga, we can recommend oursRibbed Seamless Crop LS.

beige ribbestrikket treningsgenser til dame  Hvit ribbestrikket cropped treningsgenser

Seamless clothis some of the best you can choose as yoga clothes. What is so good about seamless clothing is that it makes the clothes in many ways more flexible and sometimes sewing training clothes can feel a little uncomfortable on the body. When doing yoga exercises, it is important to be as comfortable as possible, and therefore we recommend a seamless rib-knit training top thatthis.This top has technical properties and gives good mobility . The best thing about this top is that it fits perfectly in a training set together with Ribbed Seamless Tights , and is a nice garment if you want an athleisure outfit.

Otherwise, we can recommend as a training top for our yoga clothes Gym Sports Bra , if you want a smaller squad without sleeves:

svart sportsbh  svart sportsbh med åpen rygg
Designed on this onesports bra is stylish and has open back . This is a sports bra that has flattering fit and gives good contour as it is very figure-hugging . It is well suited as yoga clothes for women as it fits well on the body and gives good mobility , at the same time as it has good support , which is incredibly important when doing yoga.


Power Seamless Top is also excellent as a yoga top when you need yoga clothes:

treningstopp til dame til yoga  Rød seamless topp med hold-in og støtte for yoga

What makes thisthe training peak for women a favorite is that the seamless design makes the top itself incredibly comfortable to wear in training. This is perfect as yoga clothes for women as it will sit well during all types of yoga exercises and breathe well . The important thing to keep in mind when choosing yoga clothes is to choose clothes that support and give hold-in effect , which this top does. In addition, this is one of the best peaks that transport moisture, perfect for yoga.


Best yoga tights

Here we have compiled a guide to the best training tights that fit perfectly as yoga clothes for women.

Fit Tights:

grå seamless tights til yoga dame  Blå seamless treningstights i tynt og behagelig stoff
Thistights fits perfectly as yoga clothes for women because it has a perfect fit, enhances your body and provides good mobility during training, which is well suited for yoga. It has a sophisticated and stylish look. Seamless effects also makes the tights extremely comfortable and therefore you will feel that you can perform your very best in training.


Ribbed Seamless Tights:

beige ribbestrikket seamless tights  Grønn ribbed seamless tights til yoga
This tights hair high life , gir hold-in effect and are seamless - properties that make it perfect as yoga clothes. These tights are also very good at giving freedom of movement and you will feel that you can stretch in all possible directions and really get a lot out of the yoga training. Since it is good and stretchy, it is the perfect yoga tights.


Fleek Leggings:

svart sømløs tights til yoga  Rød, myk og elastisk yogatights til dame
With this one tights you will be able to bend and stretch in all possible directions as it seamlessly designed and it difficult stretchy material gir good freedom of movement . This is one of the most comfortable tights that will contribute to a good session with yoga. In addition, this tights have great good breathability which not only makes the tights more durable, but which also feels better on the body when practicing yoga.

Best yoga pants

At Famme, we have two types of yoga pants that are perfect for yoga training.

First we can recommend oursYoga Pants:

Svart yogabukse til dame med sleng  Grå, myk og pustende yogabukse til dame
Thisthe pants fits perfect for both yoga and to relax at home. The trousers have a sling at the bottom and are made of very breathable fabric that transports moisture efficiently. These are the best yoga pants for women.
A nice set of yoga clothes for women consists of these yoga pants that match with the top Ocean Crop Long Sleeve:
svart langermet treningsgenser til dame yoga  Rød cropped treningsgenser for yoga til dame
This sweater has good technical properties and seamless effect is a favorite of many.
If you could rather imagine yoga pants for women that are rib-knitted fabric, we can recommend ours Ribbed Yoga Pants:
Svart ribbestrikket yogapants til dame  Blå yoga slengbukse med høyt liv for dame
If one longs for one good and comfortable trousers to use as yoga clothes for women, Famme has developed the best. Our Ribbed Yoga Pants takes care of it ultimate comfort when you practice yoga, and here you should be able to confidently master all the various yoga exercises. These yoga pants are also difficult versatile , and it can definitely be used to just relax at home as well. Thus, this yoga pants for women is a good and sustainable investment. It is soft, ribbed, has a high waist, gives you one flattering and good fit , while giving one excellent hold-in effect. In addition, the fabric is elastic and highly moisture-transporting.

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