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Training clothes for winter - Guide & Tips

Running outdoors in autumn and winter can be an incredible experience - fresh air, beautiful autumn colors, snow-covered roads and crystal clear skies. At the same time, the cold can make the doorstep mile longer. For many, the winter season involves an all-too-digg sofa and various Netflix series,we of course have a great selection of cozy clothes as well. But, there is little that beats the endorphins after one good workout out. To make the doorstep mile a notch shorter, it is important to do the right thing winter clothes which is adapted to the weather conditions and the season.


How to choose the right winter clothes?

Winter tights  

The most important thing is to have goodwinter clothes which transports moisture away from the body so that you do not get cold from your own sweat. A good winter tights is essential for getting the most out of itwinter session.Famme offers winter tights for women of good quality.Thermal Tights and Thermal leggings are warm leggings with a brushed inside to keep you extra warm and comfortable during runs in cold temperatures. A lighter version of this winter tights is Light Thermal Tights. A leggings perfect for cold autumn days and mild winter days. Done has a brushed inside that is perfect for outdoor sessions. The fabric is soft, versatile and solid. Withhigh functionality, breathable fabric, high durability and solid fit, this garment will do bothstrength training and others winter activities for a game - even in minus degrees. In addition, this has warm tights reflective details at the bottom of the leg so you can safely exercise in the dark. The reflective details are tone-on-tone, and therefore have the same color as the fabric until they are exposed to light.

Vintertights til dame i svart    Blå vintertights til dame med refleks

How to complete the running wardrobe in the winter?
In addition to a good winter tights , you may want some extra accessories. This can be one lue,running gloves,wool underwear and good socks.

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Winter jacket

Famme has onewell selected by hiking jackets and some of these jackets are specially designed to counteract the freezing temperatures during the winter season.Woolstretch Jacket is a winter jacket made of exclusive technical material from Pontetorto in Italy to ensure maximum comfort. Perfect for a quick jog on cold autumn days and mild winter days.Varm ulljakke i svart  Varm ulljakke i svart


Ripstop Sherpa Jacket is a luxurious teddy winter jacket made ofTermolite. An elastic and comfortable fabric on both sides. A warm and practical fleece jacket that withstands weather, wind and cold.




Winter hat

Knitted Beanie is a knitted hat that is absolutely fantastic on cold days. It has one timeless and stylish design so that it fits with everything from parkas to outdoor clothing. It will keep you nice and warm, at the same time as it completes any look.



Winter gloves and mittens

Gloves that protect and keeps you warm during the workout.Pace Winter Gloves is the trademark with 3M THINSULATE insulation which keeps a light heat, without you that you sweat from your hands. In addition comesthese gloves with a mini towel on your thumb so you can wipe away sweat from your face.Pace Mittens is waterproof and heat insulating gloves reinforced with PU palm for extra protection and better grip. These mittens are also insulated with soft and warm fleece on the inside, can be tightened for a better fit and have a practical pocket with zipper on the top . These ski mittens are perfect for long hikes in the mountains.

Vinterhansker i sort  Skivotter i svart


Wool underwear

Wool underwear is absolutely fantastic for training in colder temperatures. Wool helps to transport moisture away from the body, so you avoid getting cold from your own sweat.Wool Knit Legging andWool Knit Long Sleeve is a super underwear set knitted from beautiful merino wool. The set has good insulation , transports moisture , and has antistatic properties where the garments do not itch, smell or curl. We also offer Zip Up Wool Knit , which is a wool sweater with a zip.The products are thin, light and keep their shape for a long time.Find your perfect combination ofwool underwear Today!

Ullundertøy sett i svart og blå  Ullundertøy sett i rød

 Read more about how you can take care of your wool underwear here.


Wool socks

One of the worst things there is is freezing on your feet.Wool socks is fantastic for keeping warm, while the feet can breathe and carry moisture away from the skin. Wool Knit the socks are also made of high quality merino wool , which makes them comfortable, functional and warm. In addition, the socks have durable heels , so that they last for a long time without losing their functionality. The socks come in both ankle-length and a furthervariant. Rag socks is for those days you want a little extra warmth on your feet. Maybe on a long hike in the mountains, or at home in front of the fireplace on a late winter day. These huge wool socks are made of 95% Norwegian wool and is therefore incredible soft , functional , And heat . Perfect for combating cold, raw, and wet climates.Varme ullsokker i svart  Tykke ullsokker i beige

Release the endorphins now, do not let the Norwegian winter hold you back. We at Famme cheer on you!

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