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The best wool socks for autumn 2021

It starts to get colder outside and then it is important not to freeze, so it is a good idea to get a pair of good wool socks that you can use throughout the autumn and winter season. In Famme we have a wide selection of differentwool socks to suit different tastes and needs.

Black, functional wool socks - for you who are active and outdoors

svarte myke ullsokker til dame

These wool socks are made of merino wool, which provides increased warmth, functionality and comfort. OursBlack Wool Knit Socks is a favorite with us now that the days are getting colder - they are soft, they breathe and they are well suited to a wet, cold and raw climate we have in the Nordics. Due to their good functionality, they are perfect for you who are out and active, but also for you who sit in the office or at home.

svarte ullsokker ankelsokker i merino ull
This warm, soft and functional Merino wool fabric also comes in our ankle fabrics made of wool, namelyBlack Wool Knit Ankle Socks.

Rag socks - for comfort and for a trip

raggsokker ullsokker til dame kosesokker
Wool rag socks are a favorite with Norwegians. OursRag socks is for you who love good quality socks, which look nice and keep you warm. These cozy and comfortable rag socks are made of 95% Norwegian wool - if you are looking for warm good socks for autumn and winter, these are perfect for you. They are perfectly suitable for the Norwegian climate and Norwegian cottage life, but can also be used at home in the living room in front of the fireplace. Wellness was a focal point when these were incredibly deliciousthe rag socks was designed.


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