Beste seamless tights til dame

Best seamless tights 2022

Seamless training clothes is made for maximum comfort and mobility . Knowing that the garments are seamless they sit comfortably on the body without tightening or squeezing uncomfortably. By its light fit is oneseamless tights best suited for low to medium intensity training. If you are going to perform training in high intensity, on the other hand, it can be smart to use, for example, onecompression tights as these sit tighter on the body.

If you want to read more about what seamless is, seehere!


Seamless tights

Our bestseller seamless tights areVortex tights. A Vortex leggings are usually a little thicker in the fabric compared to other tights. With the help of the seamless fabric, the tights give a unique and comfortable fit. If you want a thicker tights with more focus on compression, we also haveVortex tights 2, which is also a seamless training tights. The tights are available in several different colors so that everyone will find a favorite! Among the selection you will find seamless tights in black, gray, beige, blue, purple, red and green.

Lilla seamless tights til dame, vortex tights  Blå seamless tights med kompresjon og tykt stoff


Seamless scrunch tights

Among our tights are seamless scrunch leggings a big favorite. The tights not only sit comfortably on the body, but it is also equipped with a flattering scrunch effect . This results in a nice fit like lifts the butt and counteracts uni-butt, something more people value in a training tights.

Read more about what scrunch tights arehere!

Scrunch seamless leggings

Scrunch seamless leggings has a simple and stylish design. The tights combine scrunch with a V-shape that maximizes the flattering scrunch effect. The leggings are available in many different colors - blue, black, purple, pink, red and gray. Here it is guaranteed to find a favorite!

Blå sømløs scrunch leggings  Blå seamless scrunch tights til dame


Scrunch camo leggings

If you want a tights in the popular camouflage pattern isScrunch camo leggings a good alternative. The tights have good compression which makes it more useful for all types of training - both for running and strength training. The tights are available in black, gray and green

Grønn camo seamless tights med scrunch  Grønn sømløs scrunch leggings i camo-mønster


Seamless ribbed tights

If you would rather have a more neutral tights without the scrunch seam is ribbed seamless leggings a classic alternative. Ribbed tights is very comfortable to wear while the rib knit gives a nice look. The leggings have a minimalist design and a unique look. The combination of seamless and ribbed results in one squatproof leggings with high life and good hold-in .


Ribbed seamless tights

Ribbed seamless tights have one wide waistband and a V-shape so that the leggings provide a nice fit without a direct scrunch seam. The tights are available in black, beige, green and blue.

Svart ribbed seamless leggings  Svart sømløs ribbestrikket tights     


Rib leggings

Rib leggings is made of exclusive Nylon 6.6 which makes the training tights even better, where itbreathes better and arequick-drying. The leggings lie flattering on all body shapes and stay well wash after wash. The tights are available in gray, blue and black.

Blå ribbed seamless tights med hold-in  Blå ribbestrikket seamless tights til dame


Seamless tights by color

When buying a new tights, it is not only the functional properties that are emphasized, but color is also important in the decision. If you find it a little difficult to know which color you should go for, feel free to read onthe guide on how to find the right color for your training tights!


Beige seamless tights

Colors go in and out of fashion, but right now the color is beige in the wind. Onebeige tights is elegant and stylish, and is easy to match with various training tops. Some, on the other hand, are afraid that a light color on the training tights can make it transparent, but this does not have to be the case. Our beige tights are squatproof and the color should not be at the expense of quality!

Beige seamless tights til dame  Beige seamless tights med kontour rundt rumpa  Beige ribbed seamless tights


Pink seamless tights

For a more colorful variant, a pink seamless tights are perfect. Among other things, we have the favoriteVortex Tights in pink, orScrunchSeamless Tights. Another option isPastel Rib Tights! We have pink tights in several shades, so here you just have to find your favorite

Rosa seamless tights til dame  Rosa tights til dame  Rosa ribbed seamless tights


Blue seamless tights

If blue is the favorite color, then we have a number of nice seamless tights! One of our recent launches isPeach Scrunch Tights, which defines and shapes the butt and comes in a variety of colors. Another option is the classicElevate Vortex Tightswith extra compression. Last but not least, we haveFit Tights!

Seamless tights blå  Blå seamless tights til dame  Blå seamless tights til dame

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