Topp fem squat proof tights til dame

Top five squat proof tights

What is a squat proof tights?

Squat proof training tights means that the tights have a certain thickness of the fabric which means that it does not become transparent during various training exercises. If underwear is visible through the tights during exercises such as squats and deadlifts, the tights are unfortunately not squat proof. This can be very annoying at a gym full of other people.

Our range mainly consists of squat proof training tights with the exception of some limited edition colors in seamless material, where this is stated in the product text. Here you get our top five squat-proof tights.

Seamless tights

Vortex tightsis a seamless laying with a slightly thicker fabric. This leads to a guarantee of being able to use the leggings for any occasion, especially during exercises where you fear that the butt will appear extra much. With a great texture, which is both comfortable and convenient, you get your feminine curves.
Svart seamless treningstights dame  Seamless treningstights dame
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Squat proof leggings with pattern

OurAcid Scrunch Tights is perfect for you who like a vibrant training tights with colors and patterns. It comes in a variety of colors such as purple, yellow, pink, blue and green. The training tights are squat proof and high waist, and the fabric is relatively thick.

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High waist tights

Essential high waistis a squat proof tights. We have all been past buying a pair of tights that curl down after each exercise. With this leggings you avoid this problem and can run fully without thinking about pulling up the tights.

Squat proof treningstights til dame Squat proof treningstights til dame
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Scrunch Seamless Leggings

Nothing is better than combiningseamless and scrunch in one and the same tights Not only does the leggings fit well against the body, but it gives you fantastic shapes. Whether you like upper body or lower body exercises, these are the perfect tights.
Scrunch seamless treningstights  Scrunch treningstights til dame
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Training tights with pockets

Techna Tights excellent for both running and strength training. The tights have two practical pockets that fit the largest mobile phones including iPhone Plus. With a high waist and wide waistband, you have nothing to worry about.
Treningstights med lomme  Svart treningstights med lomme
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Rib knit seamless tights

You do not have to buy a black tights for it to be squat proof. The color often has little to say, but material is important to emphasize. Ourribbed seamless tights is for you who are looking for lighter hues. With a great material that fits well against the body, and fits any activity.
Beige ribbed treningstights til dame  Beige ribbed treningstights til dame


How do you know the tights are squat proof?

Choose the right size

It can be confusing to read product reviews where some claim that the tights are squat proof, while others completely disagree. This is mostly about customers who have gone down a size when the tights feel stretchy, and want a certain degree of compression or hold-in effect. The thickness of the fabric of course plays a role, but the elasticity of the fabric can in some cases be very stretchy and you can quickly be tempted to go down a size. You should therefore choose your regular size if you want to avoid a transparent training tights.See our size guide here!


How to test the tights 

If you are unsure whether the training tights are squat proof You can easily find out by performing squats in front of a mirror or using the camera function on the phone. In several cases, it is good enough to bend down to the floor to check that the tights are not transparent. Find yours favorite training tights through our guide.


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