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HIIT training for beginners

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What is HIIT training?

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and focuses on pushing you to your anaerobic zone (85% of maximum heart rate). The focus is on burning maximum calories in a minimum of time. In the execution, it is important to give full effort and keep the heart rate up throughout the session, as the training should be quick and effective. It can be difficult to know what your heart rate is if you do not have a heart rate monitor, but this can be characterized by the fact that you will not be able to speak because you have to concentrate on breathing. Furthermore, you should feel that you must have a break, you should not be able to perform more movements without it.

The training session usually lasts from 10-45 minutes, and is thus a nice little break from the otherwise hectic everyday life. This is training for you who want to finish today's training quickly, for you who have little time and for you who want better condition and endurance.For many it is difficult toget started with training and to start this good routine it can help to read our article that will help you with the transition -How to get started with exercise?


How to train HIIT

HIIT training can be performed in several different ways where one can both do simple exercises at home or take it a step further using machines and manuals on one gym . There is no concrete decision on which exercises must be performed as long as the focus is on maintaining a high heart rate. It can therefore be a good idea to put together your favorite exercises, or get inspiration for further reading.

Even with the great freedoms, there are also some basic principles that must form the basis of HIIT training. It is important to have one good heating before start and rest between intervals . How much rest you should have is determined by how long intervals you run. The sets are usually run in a ratio of 2: 1, which means that you perform the exercise for 30 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. For beginners, on the other hand, it will be a good idea to rest at least as closely as the repetitions, as it can be difficult to recover and perform to the maximum. It is therefore recommended to start with slightly longer breaks and rather lower the time the more you exercise, so you will also see progression - which will give an extra motivation boost!

It is also possible to perform HIIT training on running trips or using a treadmill. The 4x4 principle often applies here, where you alternate between walking and running. This can also be determined individually in relation to the physical shape you are in, so that you reach 80% of the maximum heart rate during the sprint.


HIIT training at home

HIIT sessions can just as well take place at home in the living room as long as you have room to frolic. Here you can finish today's session while watching an episode of your favorite show or while listening to a good podcast - here's no excuse! The training does not have to be at the expense of the other everyday chores.

By training HIIT from home, it may be a good idea to addresistance band so you can increase the level as you wish. A training elastic can be used as a simple supplement to the exercises performed. If you want to read more about exercises that can be performed with the training elastic, you can read onhere!

Treningsstrikk for hjemmetrening   Medium resistance band til styrketrening  


Five simple HIIT exercises

HIIT training can be performed in many different ways and is therefore perfect astraining for beginners, here there is no reason to postpone training until tomorrow. In the same way, well-trained people can benefit from this training by adding extra weights or more advanced exercises. Here are our favorite exercises that anyone can do! When performing, we recommend 5-10 minutes of warm-up and a repetition of each exercise 3 times.


1. Squat

Start the session with squat which mainly trains the buttocks, back and front of the thighs. This is an effective exercise that can be performed in different ways in relation to how well trained you are.


Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and keep your arms out in front of you. Then go down with your butt so that you come at a 90-degree angle and then go up again. When you are in an upright position, tighten your buttocks and then do a repetition. If you feel this is relatively easy, you can increase the difficulty level by jumping from the bottom position, instead of going up slowly.


 2. Burpee

We continue with an exercise that focuses on the buttocks, front and back of the thighs. In this exercise, the pace where you go from standing to lying position increases.


Stand in a standing position with your arms down. Then bend down and lie down on the ground with your feet apart. Then get up by walking in with your feet so that you end up in the squat position. Then you get up with the help of a jump. If the exercise can be challenging, you do not have to lie down completely on the ground, but stay in the position where you stay up by the arms.


3. Jumping jacks

The heart rate increases and we continue with an exercise that covers all the major muscle groups in the body. We mainly look at the buttocks, back legs, front and back thighs.


Stand upright with your arms at your sides. Start the movement by jumping into a wide leg position while pulling straight arms out to the side and up over the head. Then jump back to the starting position synchronously as you lower your arms.


4. Push up

We continue to train new muscle groups, where you primarily focus on the chest and triceps.


If you are a beginner, stand on your knees and keep your body up in front of you using your arms. The arms should be shoulder-width apart and straight. Then lower your body to the floor using your arms that are pushed down. If you are more experienced, the degree of difficulty will increase by standing on your toes instead of your knees.


5. Sit ups

The last exercise trains the core muscles where you will feel it work in your stomach.


Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet on the floor and your hands behind your head. Start the movement by lifting the upper body using the abdomen. Get in a sitting position before moving down again, make sure you move smoothly.


Circle training in HIIT

Circle training is a form of training where you have to do different exercises for about 1 minute and change at each station. After all the exercises have been completed, you should have a short break, before running the whole set again. Since circuit training also consists of intense exercises in the same way as HIIT, you can combine these two methods for an extra challenge!

Do the exercises for one minute, and take a three-minute break when you have finished the circle. If you want a heavier session, you can add more exercises to the circle.


Training clothes for HIIT training

When performing high-intensity training, it is important to have good training clothes that are made for these exercises. For such training, qualities such as being durable, squatproof and high life will be highly valued. Furthermore, it will be nice to have high compression so that the tights tighten and fit well on the body during the training session. We would therefore recommend thiscompression tights,running tights andsports bra with good support.The training top can, on the other hand, be chosen according to your own preferences if you like the garment to sit loose or tight on the body, and if you prefer tank tops, t-shirts or longsleeves.


Tights for HIIT training

Ourstie dye leggings is made of a soft and moisture-transporting material so that it is comfortable to use in a hard workout. In addition to the training tights covering qualities such as being squatproof, high waist and good compression, it also has functional pockets so that you can take what you need with you during the session. At the same time, it is decorated with a nice design so that you can feel extra fresh during training. Match it tootie dye sports bra for a complete look!

Svart treningstights til høyintensiv trening  Squatproof tights for HIIT trening


If you want a more neutral tights that still have good compression, the running tights areVortex tights 2. This is just as suitable for strength training as for running and is very comfortable to use. The fabric is considered to be a little thicker than other tights and with the help of the high waist, a good hold-in effect is created. Furthermore, the training tights are stretchy, seamless and squatproof.

Svart løpetights med høyt liv og squatproofBlå tights til løping og styrketrening


Sports bra for HIIT training

Gym sports well gives you optimal support for a comfortable design. As the body moves at a high pace, it is important that the breasts stay in place for full comfort. Along with the good features, this sports bra is also very stylish and easy to use.

Grå sports-bh med optimal støtte  Svart sports-bh med åpen rygg

Training stop for HIIT training

As mentioned earlier, the choice of training top is not as crucial for comfort.Atlantic tank top is made of seamless mesh structure so that it has good ventilation and is moisture-transporting. This makes the tank top comfortable to train with, and fits well if you want a snug and airy upper.Mesh tank top has several of the same qualities, but sits looser on the body something more people prefer during the training session.Ocean long sleeve follow these qualities and are used if you want a long-sleeved, snug-fitting sweater that warms more than those with short sleeves.

Svart tank top for høyintensiv trening  Hvit tank top til HIIT trening  Lilla langermet treningstopp for HIIT trening


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