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Exercise your buttocks and thighs with elastic. We show you the best exercises

A good workout does not necessarily have to take a long time or require access to a gym. With resistance bands, you can easily complete a workout anywhere, whether you are at home, on vacation or at the gym. We have collected some of the best the exercises you can perform to train your butt and thighs.

Resistance bands or training elastic are exercise bands used to create resistance and activate the muscles. They are therefore perfect in advance of a training session to activate and make contact with the muscles or as an aid during the entire training session.Girl's resistance bands comes in three different strengths: light, medium and heavy. We also have a set ofbootybands for you who want extra intensity!

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Training with elastic

Exercises with training elastic has many benefits. When using elastic in your workout you can become stronger , activate the muscles and reduce the chance of injury. There are only a few of us who have the basement full of exercise equipment, and many believe that this is a must to get a proper workout at home. That is completely wrong! Read more:Injury prevention training.

A good workout does not have to take a long time or require a lot of equipment. With training elastic, you can train anytime and anywhere. They take up little space and are easy to take with you wherever you go. This allows you to complete a good session no matter where you are.

Check out this short video for some simple tips how to use training elastic to train the lower body. Do all the exercises 3-4 times, with 10-30 reps on each of them. Good luck!


Training elastic gives better results

Because the training elastic is an aid that you can easily bring with you in your backpack or suitcase, many people see it as a poorer alternative to traditional strength training - this is not the case! The training elastic can give better results of the training in that it improves the activation of the muscles, improves the resistance to the traditional exercises and is injury-preventing. Resistance bands can also be used for training after injury, and there are therefore several benefits we are looking at.

Exercise elastic also gives beginners a good opportunity to make exercises easier to perform, such as pull-ups and dips. In the same way, it helps the more experienced to take the training a step further through varying resistance and change in muscle use.


Training elastic package

One eelastic training elastic is the perfect accessory for your workout. Famous training knitsr comes in three fresh colors, with three different strengths:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

The different resistances allow you to start easily and then increase gradually as you get stronger. The elastics can be used in advance of a training session to get in touch with the muscle group to be activated, or alone for a "full body workout with minibands".

Treningsstrikk i ulik styrke   Medium styrke treningsstrikk

We also have another settraining band with extra intensity. These training bands are thicker material and therefore have greater resistance than traditional booty bands.


# 1 Squat with side steps

  • Place the exercise band over your knees
  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart
  • Take one step to the side and finish in squats
  • Get up and return to starting position. Repeat


# 2 Outcome

  • Place the exercise band over your knees
  • Put one leg in front of the body and the other leg behind
  •  Lower your back knee to the ground and achieve a 90 degree angle
  • Get up and repeat with the other leg


# 3 Hip thrust

  • Place the exercise band over your knees
  • The exercise can be performed on the ground, or as shown in the video
  • Lift your buttocks up and achieve a straight line with your body. Tighten your buttocks and hold on for a few seconds before releasing
  • Repeat


# 4 Donkey kick

This exercise trains both the buttocks and the lower back.


  • Stand on all fours with your knees and palms on the floor pointing straight ahead.
  • Place the elastic below the knee to hold it in place during the exercise.
  • Stabilize the upper body and hold the angle of the right leg while moving the heel of the foot straight up to the ceiling.
  • Hold the leg in the upper position for a few seconds before returning to the starting point.
  • Repeat the desired number of repetitions, then change feet.


 # 5 Lateral leg lift

This exercise trains the outer hip muscles.


  • Tie the elastic around both legs, below the knees and lie on your side.
  • Lift the leg you have at the top straight up while making sure to maintain a straight position.
  • Then lower your foot in a controlled manner again.
  • Keep a steady pace and turn to the other side when you have taken the desired number of repetitions on the first foot.


If you want more resistance, you can move the elastic further down to the legs or ankles. If you want the exercise to be simpler, move the elastic over the knees. 


# 6 Sideways walk

 This exercise takes on the outside of the thighs and buttocks.


  • Attach the elastic under the knees.
  • Bend your knees and hips and then walk sideways back and forth.
  • You decide how hard you want to do it. The further down you bend your knees and hips, the heavier it gets!


# 7Mountainclimbers

By performing this exercise, you are training your stomach.


  • Put the elastic around the feet.
  • Then put yourself in the push-up position and pull your knees in towards your elbows.
  • Here you get resistance all the way so that it is heavier than regular mountain climbers.
  • Remember! Keep your back and butt down, do not stand like a tent.



Training tights for legday

We have in our range a number of training tights that are perfect for when you have a legday. One of our favorites is, among other things Peach Scrunch Tights and Seamless Scrunch Tights  as you see in the pictures below here .

The tights are available in a number of nice colors, have good hold and are also flattering on the body. See our complete training tights guidehere for more comprehensive information.


peach scrunch tights oransjepeach scrunch tights rosa
Seamless scrunch tights rodSeamless scrunch tights rod


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