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Work out together - best workouts for two

Lack of training motivation?

In a busy everyday life, it is not always as tempting to go to training and can quickly be something you prioritize away. Getting into a good training flow can be difficult in the beginning, but as you start, it becomes easier and more fun with physical activity. One solution that can make the training transition easier is by bringing a friend!

It is important to keep in mind that exercise should first and foremost be fun. This is a perfect opportunity to be social and spend some extra time with a friend or boyfriend. By being two, it is easier to motivate each other and dare to try new exercises, at the same time as you can reach new goals together!

To see the progression and results of the training, you may want to log it in a training diary. Famme has a free exercise diary that you can downloadhere!

Training program for group training

To make the doorstep mile even shorter, we want to refer to 5 simple and effective exercises that work just as well at a fitness center or as home training. These are strength exercises we are very fond of, where you can use each other as exercise equipment. If you want an extra challenge, it is also possible to perform the exercises with onetraining elastic!


Effective abdominal exercises

Raises with partner
One partner lies on his back and holds the other's legs. The lying partner should lift the legs straight up and the standing partner should push the legs straight forward repeatedly. At the same time as the legs are pushed, the lying partner should tighten the abdomen and hold back as well as possible.
2. Sit-ups with partner
Here are different variations you can perform, but start by sitting on your ass in front of each other. First, you can do regular sit-ups with your arms up so that you give a high five at the top. Then you can make another twist by circulating your legs towards each other while tightening your stomach.
Plank with partner
Stand in front of each other in a high plank position. Here there are opportunities for variety and it can be fun to try out a little different things. One possible execution is to make the partner unstable and fall, without getting out of position himself.


Effective leg exercises

1. Outcome with partner
Stand in front of each other while holding hands. Then go down in outcome with changing legs every other time.


Static squat with partner
Stand each other back to back and then go down in a 90 degree squat. Here you stay as long as you can.


3. Toe lift

Sit on your back for weight. Then stretch your heels upwards while keeping your knees still, and take a break at the top of the stretch. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.


Do you want an even more fun workout Check out our tips for workouts you can do in the park here

Effective back exercises

One must not forget to train the back! There are many effective back exercises for partners and the one you train with. Here are three things you can add to the exercises above.

1. Partner band pulls

In this exercise, you stand and face your partner. Here one usestraining elastic and stand on opposite sides. Here you have to stand and go at the same time as your partner.


2. Wheelbarrow push up

This exercise trains your back, chest, arms, legs and core muscles. One enters a plank position where the hands and feet are in contact with the floor. When you bend your elbows to lower your chest to the floor, your partner will bend down from your hips while keeping your arms straight.

So, as you straighten your arms and move your chest away from the floor, your partner stands while keeping your back straight. Do this several times and change position.


Knee tucks

This exercise trains both the back and the core muscles. First, you and your partner will sit on the floor facing each other, a few feet away, with your hands behind you to support your lower back.

You will both have your legs up and stretch one leg at a time to tap your partner's toe. Then continue to change legs, in a manner as if you were stepping on a bicycle.

Keep your balance and back straight for several repetitions.

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