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Best work shoes - Avoid injuries and back pain

Having an active daily routine that requires you to be on your feet at all times can be very stressful. A pair of comfortable and durablework shoesrequired no matter what profession you have, to protect your feet. We offer work shoes which is tailored to your needs, whether you have problems with overpronation , back problems , pain in the knee , ankle, heels or will minimize the risk of these problems in the future. We consider it impossible to be able to talk to our feet, but having your feet talk to you is a natural phenomenon. Everyone probably recognizes themselves in blaming the choice of shoes after a long day of work when their feet ache. Ours work shoes have good cushioning and is specifically designed to meet criteria when it comes to comfort, durability and function.

What is pronation, underpronation and overpronation

Work shoes for nurse

The health sector is an incredibly tough and stressful profession for both body and soul, and thus the choice of work shoes is an important building block for the body's well-being. We have good work shoes for health professionals - regardless of whether you work as a nurse, doctor, auxiliary nurse or have another profession that involves a lot of working time on your feet, it is necessary to choose the right type of shoe.Endorphin aims to increase comfort and keep your feet healthy. These shoes are for you who are extra tense with problems in the back, and need extra cushioning or just need a work shoe that breathes properly.

How to tie your laces

Work shoes for shop employee

Around the store, into the warehouse and out again. The employees at the store walk thousands of steps everyday and then the footwear is important. Most of the shops we know of are old, with tiled floors and concrete. This can be tiring, and a good pair of shoes with cushioning becomes essential. For a store employee, it is important that the shoes are easy to put on, but also fit well - without the need for adjustment throughout the day.Endorphin is the choice for you, with neutral colors in white or black you do not have to worry about the dress code at work.

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Work shoes for teachers and kindergarten employees

Despite the fact that you do not stand on the floor all working day, it is still important to choose good onesleisure shoes. Teachers and daycare staff often walk on hard surfaces in the workplace, and it happens that they experience pain in the back or feet after hours on their feet. In addition, it becomes important that the shoes used indoors are just as good outside in the free minutes and free time. Lack of ankle support, and a lot of strain on the forefoot are causes of sore feet. Endorphin ensures you comfort throughout the working day.

How to wash shoes 

How to choose the right shoes

  1. If you spend a lot of time on concrete floors, flat or hard floors. Wear a shoe that hashard outsole.Endrophin has chunky soles that give the feet good cushioning.
  2. A good outsole should be sostraight as possible, not banana-shaped.
  3. The shoe should fitwell around the foot and give it support.Endorphin provides a soft support around the ankle and and the heel.
  4. Make sure you haveenough space in the shoe, - as the foot expands one centimeter during the day in both width and length.Sneakers Famme offers are common in size, so there will be no need for adjustments.

When should I change my shoes? 

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