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Good shoes for work and training!

How to find the right shoes for your workout?

Which shoe You use for training has a lot to say for how you perform, but also how comfortable you are. The shoes should have good cushioning and at the same time be durable so that they last a long time. Shoes can be expensive, and it can therefore be beneficial to have a pair that can be used on several occasions. White and black sneakers are timeless, versatile and can be used both for training and everyday.

We have a pair of shoes that are suitable for all occasions, whether it is a trip to the city, one running , a walk or whatever. Investing in good shoes is not only wise for training, but for everyday life as well. Endorphin RX1 running shoes is a couple sneakers which you are guaranteed to love.The shoes are made ofEngineered Mesh EVA Rubber substance asbreathes well so that you do not get clammy on long runs or during the day.They are one of our best sellers and combine both incredible comfort and style. They can be purchased in both white, black and patterned.


The vast majority of us have probably experienced pain and aches in the body provoked by various situations one finds oneself in such as long days on job , when one is out shopping or one workout . It is very tiring and it makes the situation one is in less enjoyable. It has been proven that ill-fitting shoes can be the cause of the pain one experiences and the need to find good ones work shoes or sneakers emerges.

These are usually the customers who buy our shoes - do you recognise your self?

Pain in the heel

Sneakers is designed preventively so that the heavy landings during running or jumping and the like do not damage the knee and back, and is more versatile then good damping and more ergonomic sneakers is also preventative for ailments that occur in the foot such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Customers who may struggle with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and other pain conditions in the foot and ankle will find spring Endorphin RX1 to be excellent at relieving the pain.

You can read more about plantar fascia here.

Sneakers for Milslukeren

Who has not experienced sore and sore feet after long runs «Milslukeren» as we call it can, however, experience that our sneakers may be the solution. This type of runner may be suspicious of new ones sneakers as they have extensive experience and may know what suits them best. The functionality of the running shoe possesses technologies and solid damping which will preserve comfort and the health of the person.

You can read more about the technology behind the sole here.

Gode sko til jobb og trening


Running shoes for beginners

The vast majority can run and it requires minimal equipment. If you are going to start running, it can be a very good investment to buy a new pair running shoes , and our bestseller will give a safe and good start to the run. Running shoes are a fresh product and after a certain number of miles will the damping is reduced, but thanks to the technology behind the sole in our running shoe, the cushioning will last much longer than others. Ortholite the foam in the sole compresses less than 5% of the service life, which means that the solid cushioning, fit and comfort experienced from day 1 will be there for a long time.

This is important to prevent injuries : Remember to start running gradually. Too much, too fast and too little rest is the recipe for oneen load damage . And you do not want that!

joggesko, treningssko


Shoes for the ordinary

This is perhaps the largest group. The regular is the typical runner who has 2-3 runs a week and may use some things sneakers who manages and does the job, but is curious about the diversity of running shoes on the market. This runner wants one«all-round shoes» which can be used for most things. Endorphin The RX1 is suitable for most situations you may find yourself in and even if it is running shoes .

If you then need shoes with good damping to keep your feet when you are shopping or if it turns out that you did not get everything from the store and have to run back again, the shoes will work great for most occasions.

Sneakers for work

It's not just runners who have opened their eyes to our running shoes. We have very many customers who use the shoes as work shoes . In fact, many are taking thousands of steps concrete floor every day if it is warehouse work, nurses in hospitals or those who work in shops. This gives great load on the feet and can be the cause of several pain conditions that can affect even the back. There are alarmingly many who are actually reported sick by common diagnoses such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

The importance of good work shoes or similar as sneakers or running shoes may be underestimated for some, and we want to emphasize that good and comfortable shoes with good damping and support is very necessary if the working day forces one to be on one's feet all day long. Sif mentioned earlier in the article will Endorphin RX1 act as a preventative against the problems that may arise during the working day and also act as an assistant in carrying out the work.

Running shoes for the skeptics

Those who consider themselves fast on foot are perhaps the most skeptical customers. The fine withed Endorphin RX1 is that the shoes take into account all runners. The shoes weigh very little and will only act as an assistant and not an obstacle for you to be able to run quickly. Quick on the foot is always pleasantly surprised!! 

Endorphin RX1 comes in the classic and most versatile colors black and white , but one can also get it in one more eye-catching mixture of black and white. If you are looking to buy work shoes , versatile sneakers or running shoes our shoes will be an optimal choice.


Going for a walk is something many people may take for granted without knowing the varietythe benefits one gets by doing it.NHI writes that going for a walk regularly gives the samehealth benefits as those who regularly pull onrunning trips. If there is a trail in the woods, in dryterrain or a walk around the neighborhood - take a walk out with our versatilesneakers!

Walk in the woods

If you are going for a walk in the woods, you need to be careful with how the terrain is. More low-threshold terrain where it is not very muddy, wet and slippery sneakers perfect to use. The terrain in the forest you plan to run or walk easily in should then be clear, tidy and perhaps have a path you can follow. Now that winter is approaching and some are affected by winter depression, so it is British experts a solution to take walks in the woods.

Walks along dry terrain

Here, our shoes are ideal to use. When running along dry terrain, our running shoes are a good choice. The technical side of the running shoes do it so that they can counteract the different the challenges which can adversely affect the body overtime. Hard surfaces like concrete there good damping is necessary, long tours where our shoes shine because it has a drop of 10mm and is soft support around the ankle and heel .


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