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Best in test sports bra

When you are looking for a new sports bra, there are several elements you should think about. Gives it enough hold Is the size right for me What activity should I use it for We have made oneen best in test guide that will help you choose the perfect sports bra!🥰

For most women, a good sports bra is a must when it comes to exercise. A sports bra keeps the breasts in place during the training session, which provides both increased comfort and performance. A regular bra is made for everyday activities such as sitting still or walking calmly, while a sports bra is adapted for training and physical activity where you often move more. There are different types of sports bras. Some are smaller and more compact, while others extend further down the abdomen and can almost function as a crop-top. The most common and most important factor to consider when looking for a sports bra is the degree to which it provides adequate hold. A sports bra without a hold can lead to a great deal of discomfort, which in turn means that you do not get the most out of the training session.

When finding the right size for a sports bra, it can always be an advantage to try the product first if you are unsure. Often the size of a sports bra does not match other tops or t-shirts. This depends on both your breast size and what you yourself feel comfortable with.

At Famme you can find the sports bra that suits you best, and we have made a list of the best sports bras!💪🏼


This sports bra has a feminine feel to it scrunch effect between the breasts . It provides good hold and ensures optimal comfort throughout the training session.Scrunch sports bra gives both push-up and shaping effect, and it is possible to remove the inserts if you prefer. Cross straps on the back make you want to look good, at the same time as it helps you achieve good grip and performance.

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This sports bra can largely be compared to the classic sports bras from suppliers such as Nike and Adidas.High Impact sports bra has a stylish design and has good stretch and breathability. It is a sports bra with good support ! It is equipped with removable inserts and gives a nice push-up effect. This is a sports bra you can use for all kinds of training, but also for everyday if it is preferable.

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This is one of our best sellers, and our customers say that they are very happy with both the fit and hold.Gym sports bra is a versatile sports bra that fits several occasions . It has an open back, but a stylish design.

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