Treningstopper i ulike farger og fasonger

Training tops for women 2021

When choosing new garments for your training wardrobe, there is a lot to consider. Especially when it comes to training tops It can be difficult to know what one will feel comfortable in, and what is best suited for different types of exercise. There are many different types of exercise tops, such assports bra,crop tops andtraining top with long arms, and which one you choose usually depends on what preferences you have and what you feel comfort l i. Here you can get some inspiration and guidance to make the right choice.


Find the right sports bra

Something that is very important is to find out which one sports bra that suits your body. For many, there may be uncertainty associated with such a purchase, and in several cases it may not be possible to complete the purchase because it is too difficult to determine whether they are actually suitable. You can read how to find the right sizehere.


hvit sportsbh med ribbed og seamless stoff


Even if you have now found out which sports bra fits your body, the choice of this garment can also depend on the type training or activity. Different training bras have different functions and this helps to decide whether you liked the purchase or not. Some people wish high support , and others with zipper . If you have bought the wrong sports bra for a type of training or activity, it can be easy to think that it was not good enough.Here is a guide so that you do not risk buying the wrong sports bra for your workout.


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Stilren sportsbh som er godt egnet til løpingcamo sportsbh i seamless stoff


Elevate crop top is one of our best-selling sports bras. This sports bra has good support and an "elevate" effect that lifts and holds the breasts in place. This effect is created using a seamless structure under and around the "cup". It is very elastic and is therefore very suitable for both high and low intensity training.g. 



Tank tops

Tank tops is a good alternative if you want your arms to be free, and is for those who do not want to cover their shoulders. Fame's selection ofsingleter is varied and contains peaks that are cropped , long and moisture transporting. If one prefers seamless, tight-fitting or loose training tops can quickly become a favorite at Famme. Many people prefer a singlet that is basic , and which can fit with different typestights and leggingsfor training.


 cropped singlet med flatterende knute på midtenhvit treningssinglet i mesh og fukttransporterende materiale


Atlantic tank top is athe training single which is suitable for both high and low intensity training. It is made of aelastic and moisture-transporting material, and is designed with a seamless mesh structure for good ventilation. In other words, it is quite possible to sweat in this without it feeling uncomfortable. The top covers the entire abdomen and has an open back.



Crop tops

Crop Tops is something you can use both for leisure and for training. This the training peak has become a favorite with many, and there are many different varieties of this too. The preferences are no less here, and many prefer crop tops which is seamless , ribbed or made of cotton. There are also some who prefer crop tops with loose fit , and with bra which supports so that one does not have to wear a sports bra underneath. Famme has tops with both a lot and little hold as provides enough support for both running and strength training.


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hvit cropped treningstopp med hold-in og støtte


Power seamless top has a minimalist design with a lot of power. It has a goodhold-in effect and good support. It has moisture-transporting material in combination with rib knit and reinforced shoulder straps. This combination makes the training top a first choice for many. Whether for running, yoga or strength training.




Long-sleeved training tops are light, breathe and dry quickly. Such training sweaters can be used both for training and everyday, and one long sleeve is great for mountaineering, skiing, strength training or socializing. These are also found in cropped , full length, cotton and technical textiles. You will find women's selection of training sweatershere.


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hvit treningsgenser av mykt og komfortabel materiale cropped blå treningsgenser seamless


Essential long sleeve is a training sweater that suits all types of training, whether it is outside or inside. It keeps you warm when it's cool, and keeps you cool and dry when the temperature rises. The fit is snug, and is made of a light, thin and stretchy material. This training top also haszipper in the neck.



T shirts

Something you can never get enough of in your training wardrobe are training t-shirts. Famme has a large selection of t-shirts, which you can findhere. The t-shirts have a breathable material and are definitely something to add to the wardrobe.


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kort sømløs treningstopp med god stretch funksjonell t-skjorte til trening laget av elastisk materiale


Seamless Cropped T-shirt is one of our best-selling training t-shirts. This is a short and seamless training top that is suitable for training due to good stretch and efficient moisture transport. The training top dries quickly and keeps you comfortable even when you reach your maximum heart rate. It has a good fit and nice seamless texture that ensures good breathability.The T-shirt suitable for training with high, medium and low intensity and matches perfectly with tights that have a high waist.