beste turjakkene til dame 2022

Best hiking jackets for women 2021

It goes towards autumn and winter and it gets colder outside - at Famme we test the best hiking jackets for women who want to keep you protected from all kinds of weather and wind this autumn, and which fit perfectlythe turklerk collection. We have created a guide to the best and warmest hiking jackets for women that are specially designed for you who are going on a trip and are active in the Nordic climate.

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Waterproof hiking jacket

If you are looking for a solid, warm and incredibly waterproof and stylish rain jacket for women that you can use on a mountain hike this autumn,Pace Rain Jacket for you. Technical and light, has two layers and has an incredibly good mesh fabric that withstands a lot and has a lot of stretch. With this warm rain jacket for women, you do not get too clammy and hot because fabrics breathe well and the zippers let air flow in and out. This is the ultimate rain jacket that is created for movement in harsh climates, and at the same time looks incredibly stylish. Here you get space for a lot of different things below, whether it is a t-shirt orwool underwear.
turjakke til dame  Blå vanntett turjakke til dame med hette


Warm and light hiking jacket

Woolstretch Jacket is made of soft merino wool which provides the best comfort and performance. What makes this the hiking jacket for women to one of the best garments when you are out and active in the autumn weather is that it consists of the finest types of wool. The jacket is perfect for hiking when the weather is not dry, and you do not need to wear a rain jacket.
varm myk fleecejakke til dame woolstretch jacket  Svart turjakke til dame med merinoull


Versatile hiking jacket

Powerstretch Jacket is perfectly suitable for trips where the weather is not as harsh, and where you are more active. This the hiking jacket for women is also just as good for everyday use, making it very versatile. The fabric is technical and has good thermal insulation and elasticity - which makes it perfect for when you go for a walk where you get a little warm and need to move. The jacketfeels light and sits flattering - the fabric has an enormous breathability that prevents you from getting too clammy.

Hvit fleksibel turjakke til dame  Svart allsidig turjakke med hette til dame


Fleece hiking jacket

Ripstop Sherpa Jacket is a soft teddy jacket in fleece of good quality and that keeps you warm. It is made of Thermolite, which makes it very good, comfortable and elastic. What suits this teddy jacket to a good hiking jacket is that it has a fantastic texture against wind and weather, and that it is a soft fleece on the inside. A practical and warm fleece jacket that is perfect for cabin trips and mountain trips, as it can be used both indoors to enjoy yourself in or out on a trip. It also has special ripstop fabric on the pocket and on the elbows which makes it more unique. Use this heat andgood teddy jacket on short and long walks or in front of the fireplace!

Svart teddy jakke til dame  Sherpa jakke i fleece med glidlås
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