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The best hiking clothes 2021

Are you struggling to find exactly what you need to wear on a trip? There are many options when it comes to hiking clothes online, which depends entirely on what kind of trip you are going on, and what kind of weather it is. Here we have made a super guide to hiking clothes for women, which consists of clothes and various things that are great for hiking in a typical Nordic climate, which is both wet and raw. At Famme you will find a wide selection of hiking clothes for women at a good price. 

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In the fall, there are usually perfect conditions for a trip. Nevertheless, the weather is more unpredictable and thus it is important to make sure that you have hiking clothes which suits all weather conditions. Bad clothes can often ruin the hiking experience and the choice of clothes is therefore essential.


The three-layer principle

To keep the heat on, it is important to dress with several layers. It is recommended to wear several thin layers of clothing rather than a few thick garments. In this way, it is easier to take off little by little depending on how hot you get. During physical activity, the body will be exposed to temperature differences, and it is therefore good with the ability to adjust the clothes accordingly. The three-layer principle means that you should wear an inner layer, an intermediate layer and an outer layer when you are on a trip.

These are our recommendations for dressing according to the principle of the perfect trip:


The perfect wool underwear

The practical use of wool underwear means that it works both on the go and at home, and its most important function is precisely that it keeps you warm and dry.

TechWool ls t-shirt is a wool sweater made of beautiful merino wool. This wool sweater has good insulation and transports moisture so that it is possible to stay dry and warm throughout the trip. The wool sweater does not itch and does not give off an odor at the same time as it does not curl. It is equipped with two different fabrics where the technical fabric ventilates extra well on the back and under the arms.

The matching the wool trousers has the same effect, and is optimal for both walking and running, but also at home with a large cup of cocoa. The design is simple, which makes it easy to match with other hiking clothes or equipment while being stylish.

Rosa ulltrøye med god ventilasjon og varme  Svart ullundertøysett til dame i merinoull


A super nice wool sweater that fits perfectly for a trip is ours Zip Up Wool Knit.   Due to the insulating properties and the fact that the fabric is made of Merino wool of good quality, this is one of the best sweaters you can take with you on a trip. It is comfortable, soft and has a zipper at the neck. In addition to the fact that this sweater has odor-inhibiting properties, is light, does not curl and provides good insulation - this sweater is also very sustainable due to the environmentally friendly measures the manufacturer of the fabric has implemented.
Ullgenser med glidelås til dame  Beste ullgenser
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The hiking trousers you dream of

The purpose of hiking pants is to keep warm in the cold, while keeping you dry on the go. The trousers should be comfortable to wear, both for steep mountain terrain and for a cozy trip on berry picking in the woods.

Field Slacks is a robust and comfortable hiking pants for women. This outdoor pants is water repellent and a super candidate to take on new adventures. It is elastic and has very good durability. Leisure pants is optimal to use on a mountain hike as it is easy to move in.

Rød turbukse dame  Blå turbukse til dame     


Active pantsare training pants for women top quality and comfort ! One easy and functional nylon trousers with high life and lacing, zipper at the bottom of the leg and reflective details . Leisure pants is versatile, and suitable for everyday life, mountains and on the ski slope. A perfect turbukse , everyday trousers or training pants .

fritidsbukse til dame  Treningsbukse til dame


Fly DWR pants is a lightweight hiking trousers for women . At the same time, this is a hiking trousers that has incredibly stretchy and thin material, which makes these trousers suitable for trips where it is not too cold, but it is raining. This means that this is the perfect hiking trousers for autumn, but not necessarily winter. In addition, these trousers take up very little space, so they are easy to take with you and also incredibly comfortable to travel in, both on short and longer trips. It also has practical pockets, reflective details and elastic at the waist.

Turbukse til dame  Turbukse til høst-vinter


Celine Trekking Pants is a hiking pants withbelt to tighten around the waist and the ability to turn the pants into shorts whenever you want. The trousers are elastic and have breathable fabric with practical zip pockets for mobile etc.

The trousers have a nice fit and good opportunities for adjustment. These trousers are perfect for long cool trips, but also short warm days.

Turbukse med shorts  Turbukse til dame og shorts i en


Everest Thermal Pants is a hiking pants that are perfect for the winter, but also the rest of the seasons. It keeps you warm, but also breathes effectively. These trousers are perfect for hiking in the mountains in winter, they make sure you do not get too hot. The fabric in the trousers is elastic and durable, which makes the hiking trousers exceptionally comfortable.

It has two zippered pockets, velcro around the waist to adjust the fit and a tone-on-tone reflective logo.

  Everest Thermal Pants - bukser for dame     Everest Thermal Pants - bukser for dame

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Shorts for hiking days

Field shorts are a robust training shorts for high, low, on land or water. A short hiking shorts with a high waist and large pockets, which are durable and water-repellent. The perfect alternative for your next trip, whether it is in the mountains or in the countryside.

Rød robust turshorts til dame i høyt liv  Blå turshorts til dame med store lommer


Moveshorts is made for full freedom of movement. With a fabric that is light, elastic and durable, you can use it as one running shorts or a hiking shorts . In addition, the shorts are water proof with DWR membrane (Durable Water Resistant.)

Turshorts til dame  Shorts til tur

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Essential tights is a training /  turtights which is high in life . The trousers are elastic with high density to give you a perfect fit good compression . In addition, the fabric is made to be soft, solid and versatile. We offer the model essential in one seamless variant also.

Turtights til dame  Tights med kompresjon


Do you want one  warm turtights we can recommend our Light thermal tights. The fabric is elastic, moisture-transporting with a brushed inside that makes the tights extra warm and comfortable, so you can enjoy the autumn and winter season.

Varm høsttights til dame  Blå vintertights til dame med refleks detaljer
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Great hiking jackets

Pace Rain Jacket is light and has an exceptional stretch so that it is very comfortable to take with you on a trip.This is it best hiking jacket for women if you have planned a trip in the field or in the mountains. The jacket has two layers that ensure that it is very waterproof and retains heat, while at the same time ventilating well. Another feature is that it has a very stretchy material that breathes at the same time as it can withstand extremely much rain. The ventilation zippers on this jacket ensure that air can get in and out and thus you do not get damp quickly, and the jacket will feel very comfortable to use when you are on a trip.

beste svarte regnjakke til dame  Blå regnjakke med god pusteevne og isolasjon


Celine Rain Jacket protects against weather and wind, and also works well as a shell jacket. This hiking jacket is made of a material that repels dirt, grease, oil and water, and is very versatile on hiking. The jacket is sustainable , vegetable and fluorine free.

Svart pustende regnjakke til dame  Blå bærekraftig regnjakke til dame     


Otherwise, we recommend ours Fleek Stretch Jackets as provides good freedom of movement while protecting you from the cold. You can use this as both a hiking jacket and training jacket, as the fabric is elastic and breathes well while insulating against the cold.

grå treningsjakke og turjakke til dame  svart stretchy turjakke til dame


Woolstretch Jacket is one of the best and most technical hiking jackets for women. The jacket is made of the best Merino wool which gives the best performance and which makes this hiking jacket for women one of the best garments when you are out and active in the autumn weather. This hiking jacket gives you high comfort as the fabric consists of the finest types of wool. This is perfect for hiking when it is not the worst weather and you do not need to wear a rain jacket.

Varm jakke til dame i ull  fleecejakke til dame woolstretch jacket


Powerstretch jacket is perfectly suitable for trips where the weather is not as harsh, and where you are more active. This hiking jacket is also just as good for everyday use, which makes it very versatile. The fabric is technical and has good thermal insulation and elasticity - which makes it perfect for when you go for a walk where you get a little warm and need to move. The jacket is light and sits flattering, the fabric also has good breathability so you do not get damp.

Svart fleksibel turjakke til dame  fleksibel turjakke til dame powerstretch jacket hvit


Teddy jackets is very into this year, and at Famme we have the best and finest selection ofteddy jackets for lady. OurRipstop Sherpa Jacket is the softest teddy jacket that is suitable as a hiking jacket as it is one fleece jacket of good quality that keeps you warm. The jacket has a fantastic texture against wind and weather, and has soft fleece on the inside. Since this fleece jacket is practical and warm, it is suitable as a perfect hiking jacket for women for cabin trips and mountain trips, as it can be used both indoors to enjoy yourself in or out on a trip. It also has special ripstop fabric on the pocket and on the elbows which makes it more unique.
Svart myk teddyjakke til dame med rip stop  myk teddyjakke til dame hvit
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When traveling, it is important to keep your head warm. Et headgear which keeps the heat is important so that the hiking experience is not ruined. A cold head often leads to a cold body, and a cold body leads to a bad ride. Headbands are optimal on days that are not so cold. Onewarm lue is the smartest choice on colder days.

Hvitt pannebånd til tur  Svart strikketlue for tur til dame  

A couplewool socks andwinter gloves is at the same time very essential to keep the heat on tour. In addition, a couplesports glasses to lady be an important contributor for an optimal trip. Cool sports glasses which fits well is important when going on a trip in different terrain. Quick glasses makes you look sporty, and is not what you really want?

World best rag socks from Sandnes Garn is a must when you go on a trip!Thesethe socks are warm and good, and definitely a classic when it comes to comfortable wool socks. These fit perfectly in a pair of mountain shoes or boots, and are part of the trip.

hvite raggsokker til dame  Beige raggsokker til dame
Lange svarte ullsokker til tur  Svarte ankelsokker i merinoull
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