beste undertøyet til damer sømløst og mykt

Most comfortable underwear - Autumn 2021

One of the most important characteristics ofunderwear is that it should feel comfortable - no matter what shape and form you have. Underwear is considered intimate - and we believe it is important that you feel comfortable with the underwear you wear, so that you feel good! At Famme we have the best seamless panties andunderwear to lady who will probably be your favorite lingerie from now on.

When it comes to training and wearing tight training clothes, there are many who want underwear for women that fits well underneath and is not shown. Fortunately, we at Famme have a lot of underwear of good quality that is well suited under our training tights, such asseamless tights andscrunch tights.


Seamless thong

Our Seamless thong is one of the best thongs you can get - as they will compliment you and your body while they will feel incredibly comfortable on the body. The material is soft, elastic and stretches well and at the same time it is extremely moisture-transporting.

Our seamless thongs fit perfectly under the training tights. The moisture-transporting and elastic fabric inInvisible Seamless Thong is a favorite - it is soft and has been designed for good comfort. This seamless design makes the panties a favorite with ladies who like to work out because the panty edge does not appear. This is one of the best seamless thongs that can be used for both training and everyday life.With this one the string panties, or the thong panties, you do not have panties , and one can enjoy it seamless feeling.

hvit seamless stringtruse  svart seamless stringtruse


Seamless panties

Wonder letter hipster is a comfortable choice if you do not want the string variant. The underwear is soft and breathable, and ensures that you are comfortable whether you exercise or use it for everyday activities.

Svart seamless truse  Sømløs og myk truse


Seamless bra

OurSeamless Bralette is a clear favorite - and will look good on everyone as it is extremely soft, is strapless and has adjustable straps. This is a perfectly seamless bra because it not only fits nicely and feels comfortable, but it also has nice cross details on the back. Thisseamless bra slides on, it is soft and smooth, and even fits terrific underneathtraining tops. The inserts in the bra can also be removed if desired.

seamless bralette sømløs bh  Svart seamless bh med kryssdetalj



One can never go wrong with a good onebodysuit, which can be used for absolutely everything, whether it is the city or home. What we love about oursChill Body Suit is that it can be used as a great top along with a good onejeans, or you can use it asunderwear  This is a solid and elegant bodysuit that can be used for whatever you want as it is very versatile - It is delicate, light and nice and the material breathes great.

svart bodysuit til dame  Svart body til dame med string


Stretchy and cushioning socks

Whether you are going to run or do strength training, it is a good idea to have good onestraining socks which is soothing and soft.It pays to go for a pair of good tennis socks, such asWhite Sky Knit Socks. These can be suitable both for a tennis match and for weightlifting. They soften, are soft and are made of organic cotton which ensures the quality you need. It will give you more stability and will look great with a pair of good sneakers for women, such as oursEndorphin RX1 Shoes.

myke lette treningssokker hvite  Hvite joggesko med chuncky såle


Good and light ankle socks are a must for training, and everyday otherwise. With ourBamboo No Show Socks you will probably feel that you are lighter on foot, and get a generally more comfortable workout, whatever kind of activity you want to do. They are incredibly light and slide straight on, and fit well under all kindstraining shoes. 

Svarte bambussokker til dame  Hvite ballerinasokker til dame


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