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We have shorts for all purposes: Exercise, hiking and everyday life . Read our entire shorts guidehere.


Biker length:

Biker shorts for women. The name "biker shorts" is not unknown to cyclists as they often wear long shorts over the knees. These training shorts are excellent for both strength training, running and cycling. The length of the shorts also means that you do not have to think about wearing it up during training. In our selection of training shorts, we have both seamless, anti-slip effect, scrunch and shorts with pockets. All of these go down to the knees which is typical of these shorts.

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Short length:

We have short shorts that are suitable for handball, football and several other sports.



Seamless training shorts that allow you to enjoy the freedom of movement whether you are on a run or strength training. Seamless training clothes have become especially popular for strength training.

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We have jeans shorts which are perfect in the summer. Olashortsen can be combined with our crop tops for a casual and trendy outfit. They exist both classic denim shorts and a ripped version in different colors.

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Typical activities that the shorts are suitable for: Handball, football, yoga, strength training, running, walking, cycling.

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Collection: Shorts for women

Shorts for all occasions. We have running shorts, training shorts, hiking shorts, jeans shorts, biker shorts and shorts with pockets. A large selection of seamless shorts in various colours.

The selection consists of short shorts, long shorts, biker shorts, high waist shorts, scrunch shorts and shorts without scrunch. We also have a large selection of denim shorts with and without stretch that are perfect for spring, summer and autumn.

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