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Collection: Women's training tights

We have several of the most popular the training tights in Norway. We have a large selection of leggings that are suitable for both high and low intensity training. The choice is yours whether you run, do strength training, Crossfit or yoga. We cover everyone's needs with training tights in various fits and colours. Whether you have a low, high or medium waist, short or long, it comesthe tights in all shapes.The training tights are usually full length, but we also have shorter length tights such as 7/8 and 3/4 which we recommend for those with shorter legs.

All our training tights have good technical properties, which ensure efficient moisture transport and high comfort, the vast majority of the tights haveHigh waist, therefore high waisted leggings . In addition, all the tights are squat proof, which means that they i no is transparent . We also have a number of shaping tights with good Hold-in effect. The hold in effect ensures that you get good support even when you train.We also offer pregnant leggings. You can find thathere. In other words, we have training tights that can fit everyone.

We also have a wide selection of leggings in various colours. We have, among other things, leggings in the following colours:blue,orange,pink,green,purple,beige,grey, andpplasted.

Running tights

Do you like running? We have a range of tights that are perfect for a good running session. The worst thing there is tights that slide down while you run. That's why we've designed a range of running tights that fit perfectly during the entire session. See all our running tights here.

Seamless leggings

Seamless tights is a favorite of many. It is not so strange, by the way. The seamless material is soft and has God stretch. This makes this type of leggings perfect for strength training. Seamless is a good choice if you like great freedom of movement and comfort. See all our seamless tightshere.

Scrunch leggings

The scrunch tights is also a favorite of many. Today we have several different designs, colors and scrunch types because the demand for good scrunch leggings has been so great. We offer both scrunch tights , as well as tops and shorts with scrunch in all colours. See all our scrunch Activewear clotheshere.

Yoga tights

A comfortable one Yoga tights that fits well is essential during a yoga session. It is important that the trousers or tights breathe well and do not slip down during the session. We can therefore recommend trousers or leggings with a High waist. See our entire Yoga collectionhere.

Compression tights

Compression tights are a type of training tights that sit tighter on the body than regular training tights. Compression tights provide better support and are therefore a favorite of many. In addition, compression tights should helprecovery as the tights have had an effect on increased blood circulation. See our selection of compression tightshere.

Winter tights

If you like to run outside in winter, Famme has a range of tights that are perfect for an activity outside in colder climates. Ours winter tights has a brushed inside so that you stay both warm and comfortable even in cold climates. See our collectionhere.


If you still have any questions, you can read more about the different types in our guide:leggings guide for ladies.