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Collection: Vortex Tights

Based on our very first seamless tights, we have now created a new Vortex collection - a series of seamless tights designed to deliver an outstanding fit and unrivaled comfort throughout your training session. Made from the best Italian Nylon 6.6 material, these tights stand out for their fine texture and improved comfort.

Vortex 2, with its slightly higher compression compared to Vortex, provides extra support and tightness during activity. This makes them ideal for forms of exercise that require performance, such as strength training, cross-fit or running.

Elevate Vortex tights differ from our other Vortex tights through a unique shaping effect. This technology provides support while lifting and shaping the butt.

Vortex is our softest and most elastic Vortex tights. The comfortable and stretchy fabric makes this model excellent for forms of exercise such as yoga and pilates.

All our Vortex tights are suitable for strength training, yoga and running.