Become a dealer of Famme

How to place an order

  • You will get an account on that you can order with. It is linked to your email.
  • If you order with that email at checkout, the order will be free.
  • B2B prices for the order are subsequently invoiced.
  • The rule of thumb for the price you are invoiced is 1/3 of the price in the till, i.e. 1/3 of the RRP price on the order.


  •  What is your return/complaints policy like?

You will get access to a form where you can upload complaints, then a credit note will be sent monthly for defective goods. The goods do not need to be sent back if the picture clearly shows the fault.

  • Can the store have samples sent?

Samples can be ordered in the same way as normal orders, samples that are ordered are sent free of charge, but b2b prices are invoiced without surcharge.

  • Which companies do you deliver with?

We can send with Bring, Schenker, DSV, Postnord, Porterbuddy. What we choose depends on where in the country we ship.

  • Do you have a free shipping limit?

We have free shipping for orders over NOK 5,000.