En guide for deg som er på utkikk etter utvalgte jakker til trening og fritid

Jacket guide - everything you need to know!

Complete jacket guide

There are endless different onesjackets on the market. How to choose the right jacket Here you have to think about what functions you want the jacket to have, what it should look like, what fabric it should have and much more. It may seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be that difficult. In this guide we will go through everything you need to know to find the best training jacket !

Table of contents

1. Rain jackets / shell jackets

    1.1 Pace Rain Jacket

    1.2 Celine Rain Jacket

2. Fleece jackets

    2.1 Sherpa Teddy Jacket

    2.2 Powerstretch Jacket

    2.3 Woolstretch Jacket 

3. Running jackets

    3.1 Wonder Stretch Jacket

    3.2 Fleek Stretch jacket

    3.3 Pace Running Jacket

4. Teddy jackets

    4.1 Ripstop Sherpa jacket


Rain jackets / shell jackets

Our rain jackets are in a light and technical material. In Norway, a good and light rain jacket is absolutely necessary, as we can never completely rely on the weather. The rain jackets have a water column of 10,000 mm, so you should always be well covered, no matter the weather.Ventilation cap locks and hood make the rain jacket even more practical! Our jackets fit perfectly as part of the rainwear ditt.

2-layer rain jacket

Pace Rain Jacket is a light and technical rain jacket that gives you good comfort. It is made of a breathable material that prevents you from praying too hot and humid. The rain jacket has ventilation zippers under the arms that allow air to flow in and out. It also has conveniently placed pockets with a waterproof zipper and reflective details that keep you safe in the dark. This gorgeous the jacket is waterproof and can also be used as a shell jacket with either onehoodie orwool underwear under.

  • Available in black and blue.
Regnjakke med hette, pustende, svartSvart regnjakke, pustende, skalljakke


Versatile rain jacket

Celine Rain Jacket is a simple and beautiful rain jacket with good features and comfort. It protects you from all kinds of weather and acts as a shell jacket. The material of the jacket is breathable, so you avoid getting too hot and clammy. The DWR finish means that the jacket repels dirt, grease, oil and water. The jacket has good comfort and has strategically placed reflective details that will keep you safe while you move out in the dark.

  • Available in black and blue.
Regnjakke svart, blå, pustende Skalljakke, pustende materiale, regnjakke



Fleece jackets

Our fleece jackets are of good quality. We have both technical fleece jacket, sherpa jacket, which is often called "teddy jacket" and fleece jacket in merino wool. We know that autumn can be cold and windy, and therefore have windproof fleece jackets with a hood. The fleece jackets breathe well and transport moisture efficiently. These are good jackets both for long mountain hikes or to and from training. We are sure you will find one that suits your needs!



Technical fleece jacket

Powerstretch Jacket is a versatile jacket that is suitable for both training and everyday use. This jacket is made of an exclusive technical fabric, and is one of several products in the Technostretch collection for maximum comfort! This fabric provides high elasticity, high thermal insulation and a fantastic breathability. The jacket has a hood, thumb holes on the sleeves and a total of four pockets, two on the inside and two on the outside.

  • Available in black and white.
Teknisk jakke, allsidig, fleeceHvit fleecejakke, allsidig


Teddy jacket in fleece

Sherpa Teddy Jacket is warm enough that it can be used outside, at the same time as it is soft enough to enjoy inside. This gorgeous cuddly jacket is just what you need! It has a zipper and two spacious pockets where you have space for the most necessary things. This sherpa jacket is made of fleece and is really a must.

If you would like an even warmer teddy jacket with a pocket on your chest, you can check it outRipstop Sherpa Jacket which we return to further down, under "teddy jackets".

  • Available in black and white.
Teddyjakke, kosejakke, fleeceSherpa jakke i svart


Wool jacket

Woolstretch Jacket can be reminiscent of a fleece jacket, but is made of a wool blend of the highest quality. This jacket combines style and function in an excellent way! Made from an exclusive technical fabric, it is one of several products from Famme's Merino Technowool collection for maximum performance and comfort. Due to its good stretch, it is perfect for both mountain hikes and runs on cold days. You stay warm, while being able to move as you like. It is comfortable against the skin and does not itch.

  • Available only in black.
Ulljakke, merinoullUllblanding, fleecejakke, svart


Running jackets

Our running jackets are light and elastic. They breathe well and are moisture wicking. The jackets have practical pockets with zippers and reflective details to keep you safe in the dark. Some jackets also have a detachable hood. Running jackets are available in a number of different colors. We are sure you will find something that meets your needs! In order for you to find the right running jacket for every occasion, we have made a guide for everyoneour running jackets!


Versatile training jacket

Wonder Stretch Jacket is a light and versatile jacket that will keep you warm and comfortable on cold and rainy days. The jacket is designed to withstand both weather and cold, while being waterproof. It works both for training and for a relaxing day in the city. You decide! This makes the jacket an absolute MUST. The jacket keeps you warm and stylish all day!

  • Available in green and black.
Løpejakke, treningsjakke, varmLøpejakke, grønn, lett treningsjakke


Training jacket perfect for running

Fleek Stretch jacket perfect for jogging in a cold and wet climate. The jacket has two pockets, where you can fit the most important things you need to take with you to the training session. It is stretchy and of good quality that makes you want to stay was for hours, no matter what activities you do. The cold will no longer be an obstacle with this great jacket!

  • Available in gray and black.
Langermet treningsjakke med lommerAllsidig treningsjakke, løpejakke


Lightweight and windproof running jacket

Pace Running Jacket is a light jacket in a breathable material. The running jacket has two pockets and a detachable hood. This jacket is perfect for outdoor activities in summer and spring. The jacket is also windproof and has reflective details that will keep you visible in the dark, which means that you can use it well in the winter even if you only wear an extra layer of clothing underneath.

Select the size you use for normal. If you are between two sizes, choose the largest.

  • Available in blue and black.
Lett løpejakke, svart, blåTreningsjakke, løpejakke, lett, med hette


Teddy jackets

Sherpa jackets are made of fleece that keeps you nice and warm. They have zippers and spacious pockets with plenty of space for the most necessary things. The teddy jackets are suitable both for training and as a cozy jacket. You decide!


Teddy jacket with chest pocket

Ripstop Sherpa Jacket is made ofThermolite. The fabric is elastic and comfortable on both sides, which makes this fabric unique. The outside has a nice texture against weather and wind, while the inside is made of soft fleece that is comfortable against the skin. The jacket is warm and practical, and is well suited to and from training, as well as on walks or at home. For the sake of design and durability, the jacket has tone-on-tone ripstop fabric on the elbows and on the pocket. It makes the jacket even nicer, better and even more unique. The teddy jacket has a zipper on the front, a loop on the inside and a pocket with a zipper on the left chest.

  • Available in black and blue.
Teddyjakke, sherpa jakke, brystlommeTeddyjakke, trening, kosejakke


If you would like a teddy jacket without ripstop fabric or a pocket on the chest, we also offer onecorresponding jacket which we have written more about under fleece jackets further up.



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