Hettegenser, sweatshirt, crewneck  og turtleneck guide

The big sweater guide

Sweater  is the versatile, comfortable the team player in your wardrobe who looks good with almost everything. From casual to formal, yet thoughtful, elegant and athletic, all at the same time, with a simple sweater. It is seasonal, flattering and comfortable for any body shape as well as easy to put on; one of the few everyday clothes in fashion. A sweater is easy to use both for a street or a smart casual look, and we see it in all categories of women's clothing , including the world of luxury and design.

Choosing a sweater is like choosing one T shirt ; your options are unlimited. Before deciding on a particular style, take a closer look at our guide.

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Hoodie or hooded jacket is a wardrobe favorite that we never get tired of. Are you looking for comfort , trend or usability, it will be difficult to imagine another simpler garment that has had an equally large fashion journey in recent times.


Hoodie with zipper

Ourchoose a hoodie is velvety soft, gorgeous with a perfect fit, which takes you back to the 90's. The fabric is carefully selected to satisfy our requirements for comfort and draping. Feel free to combine the hoodie withchoose pantsfor the perfect cuddle set.

Svart velur hoodie til dame   Grå velur hoodie til dame

For a practical hoodie with zipper made of stretchy and technical material we recommendFit hoodie. With practical pockets for storage and a sleek fit make the hoodie versatile for comfort on the couch or outdoor activity.

Svart hettejakke med glidelåslommer  Grå hettejakke til dame med glidelåslommer


Hoodie without zipper

Emblem hoodie is a slim fit hoodie in comfortable soft fabric that keeps its fit. The sweater is well suited to and from training, but also in everyday life. Combine the hoodie with some of ourstights oryouth flare pants.

Svart hettegenser med Famme logo  Blå hoodie til dame med Famme-logo


Pure hoodieis a stylish hoodie with a pocket in 100% cotton. With rib knit material on the end of the hoodie and sleeves, the sweater becomes super comfy for both training and everyday.

Svart hettegenser med lomme på magen  Svart hettegenser til dame uten glidelås

Vintage hoodie

Are you looking for a hoodie made of soft and comfortable cotton from a luxury manufacturer? You do not have to spend money on buying a Kanye West hoodie when Famme has developed a hoodie with the same fabric manufacturer that has been used at GUCCI's most exclusive hoodies. With three unique colors you get onen hoodie experience out of this world. PS! the fabric is different in the different colors.

Vintage hoodie til dameHettegenser uten glidelåsVintage hoodie med Famme logo sentralt



Cropped hoodies

For the warmer days before autumn takes full march or for the more relaxed settings that one may be in, it will be relevant to find hoodies that provide optimal comfort and that preserve style, and this is where ourcropped hoodies comes in the picture.Wanderlust hoodie is a loungewear in model cropped. The sweater can be used for training, as well as combined withwanderlust tightsfor the perfect the cuddle set at home.

Svart cropped hettegenser  Svarte leggings til dame


Pure cropped hoodie is a hoodie in rib knit material. The version is shorter than our originalpure hoodie, but has the same property.

svart cropped hettegenser  Svart cropped hoodie

Wanderlust cropped hoodie 2 is our second version ofwanderlust hoodie. The new version has more compression and hold, while being made somewhat longer. For a perfect loungwear set, we recommend matchingWanderlust Tights 2.

Grønn cropped hoodie med snøring i halsen  Grønn ribbestrikket leggings med snøring i livet

Read more about oursbest-selling crop tops.


Crewneck & Sweatshirts


Likewhite sneakers is a sweater with a round neck in neutral colors which gives you a smart casual look. OurWonderland Crewneck made of good cotton som takes you to Wonderland whenever you want. The sweater has a calm fit, with a modest Famme logo made of the best quality. Crewnecken comes in color cream white and sort , and fits best withmom jeans, wide leg jeans orflarefor a casual look.

Hvit crewneck til dame  Svart crewneck til dame med logo



Recharge sweatshirtis a sweatshirt which gives you comfort to a new level. It has an elastic and light fabric that is soft against the skin. The sweater comes in color dark grey and black . For a formal and elegant setting, we recommend the sweater withskinny and4Flex jeans.

Grå collegegenser til dame  Svart sweatshirt til dame

Pure Sweatshirt is made of 100% cotton with a Famme logo centered on the chest. The sweater is suitable for everyday life or for activities with low intensity. For a casual but informal setting, we recommend ourswear home jeans. The sweater comes in color black , dark red and gray .

Svart longsleeve sweatshirt  Rød longsleeve sweatshirt til dame


Our classicdrawstring sweatshirt is cropped with long sleeves. The sweater has practical lacing at the bottom that can be tightened at the bottom so that it is shorter. Match the top with ourstights for a perfect set home from training.

Svart cropped sweatshirt  svart cropped crewneck



Turtleneck also known as polo shirts is becoming increasingly popular these days, and the garment works hardest in modern women's wardrobe. The basic garment makes it relatively easy to style, and gives you the next level. Whether you bet on comfortable cotton or neutral colors we have the perfect one high-necked sweater for you.

We have a selection ofturtlenecks for women which is suitable for everyday life, loungewear and a cold autumn day. The sweaters come in different colors and materials, such asknitted,cotton andribbed. Our collection has sweaters that are both slim fit and loose fit so it is possible to choose what you are mostcomfortable with.


Knitted high-necked sweater

Chunky Knit Sweater is the perfect one knit sweater for both cold winter days, and cool summer days when the sun has set. With a sophisticated style, elegant high neck and stylish design, the garment fits with everything from sweatpants, tights to jeans.So we're talking about onehigh-necked sweater which is both nice and versatile.

Beige chunky turtleneck  Grå chunky turtlesweater


High-necked sweater made of cotton

Slim fit Turtleneck is perfect for everyday life. With a soft knitted fabric, sophisticated look and slim fit fit, you will be comfortable and stylish at all times. The sweater can be found in the colors gray , black and beige .

Svart turtleneck slim fit  Grå turtleneck slim fit


A warmer version of such basic turleneck ischill turtle neck T-shirt.The sweater has a thermally fine knit fabric that gives a lovely and warm feeling.This is the perfect loungewear for an evening indoors or outdoors combined with springsherpa teddy jacket.Another way one can nicely style such a sweater is to match onewhite high-necked sweater along with a deliciousdress pants.

Svart turtleneck til dame av bomull  Hvit turtleneck til dame med lange ermer

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Rib knit polo shirt

OurRibbed high neck sweateris a high-necked sweater, in a slim fit. This is an absolute must-have knitwear which is versatile and gorgeous. The sweater is perfect for training, casual, formal or party. Feel free to combinescrunch orseamless tights.

Svart ribbestrikket turtleneck  Hvit høyhalset genser i ribbestrikk


Doux knitted turtleneck is a beautiful, soft and comfortable ribbed turtleneck which contains a small proportion of wool that creates a nice texture on the sweater. A perfect garment for a colder day. Feel free to combinePhilippa pants orDoux knitted pants.

Grå, mykt strikket turtleneck  Grå leggings med sleng

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How to style the sweaters

Once you have found your favorite sweater, you will often need a bottom that you can style it with. We have a good selection and cool and comfortablejeans you can combine your favorite top with. We have jeans to suit every occasion! You can style most jeans with whatever you want. You can style them both up and down. Below we come up with some tips to help you along the way.

Oursskinny jeans with split can be used for both everyday and party. For an everyday look, you can, for example, style it with springslim fit turtleneck. This outfit is perfect for a long day at school or work.

Skinny jeans med splitt    Svart slim fit turtleneck til dame


Our freshnesswide leg jeans available in four beautiful colors. Wide leg jeans have become very popular pants, and we understand why! These are both comfortable to wear and look smashing. For a simple and cool look, you can combine them with our simple but niceWonderland Crewneck.

Wide leg jeans    Hvit collegegenser til dame
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