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Autumn fashion 2021

Must have for your fall wardrobe

When the hot summer days are over and the cold starts to rise, autumn is on its way. The leaves gradually fall from the trees and the orange tones are filled around in nature. The cozy atmosphere makes it extra comfortable to sit inside and watch a movie, while a trip with a coffee in hand is highly valued. In order for you to meet the autumn days in the best possible way, we want to make recommendations for trendyautumn clothes you will need in your wardrobe this fall!

  • Teddy jacket
  • Turtlenecks
  • Jeans
  • Cozy clothes

Teddy jacket

A big favorite for the autumn days are teddy jackets.Sherpa teddy jacket is a classic and simple variant. The fleece jacket is perfect both for going for walks outside, but also for enjoying yourself inside. It has both a zipper and two spacious compartments. If you want a warmer model with more details isRipstop sherpa jacket a good alternative.The jacket is similarly equipped with a zipper and pockets, but has at the same time ripstop fabric on elbow and pocket for extra durability.

Svart sherpajakke til dame, teddyjakke i fleece   Svart sherpajakke til dame med ripstop-stoff og lommer



For cold days, it is perfect with a high-necked sweater that prevents the body from freezing. Not only is this a sensible choice, but turtlenecks have also become a trendy garment.Chuncky knit sweater is a warm and stylish sweater. It is soft and comfortable to wear as it is designed with well-being in mind.Slim fit turtleneck is a good alternative if you want slim-fit in a slightly thinner fabric.

Hvit strikket genser til dame     Svart slim fit turtleneck til dame


Thisthe sweater is perfect for cool autumn evenings and those cold winter days . This the sweater one can easily fit and use under a fineautumn jacket or when to sit inside and enjoy yourself in front of the fireplace. It is the ultimate the sweater which we have designed to make you the most comfortable , that you should feel nice and well. The fabric is incredibly soft and will do not itch , and it has an incredibly gorgeous and elegant design. Thisthe sweater for lady has high neck, and fits well on the upper body.


Comfortable jeans are a must-haves for this season and4Flex jeans is our best-selling pants. The jeans have a 4-way stretch that makes it suitable for all body shapes. With its skinny fit and high waist, it fits perfectly on any body.Flare jeans is a perfect choice if you want a looser fit with the popular sling at the ankles.

Blå skinny og stretchy jeans til dame     Blå flare jeans til dame, slengbukse



Cozy clothes are essential for good comfort in the autumn season, and a cozy set will be good to have.Doux knitted turtleneck andDoux knitted pants is a perfect alternative! You can choose whether you want to use the parts separately, or together as a delicious cuddly set. The set contains a small proportion of wool which creates a nice texture.

Beige myk turtleneck     Beige myk kosebukse med sleng, loungewear til dame

Matching cuddle set

One of the most important garments you should get this fall is a new one cuddly set , namely a goodleggings or sweatpants  with matchinghoodie. OurWanderlust Leggings andWanderlust Hoodie is perfect for you who are looking for a new cuddle set. The leggings are rib knit and soft, suitable perfect as kosebukse . It has extra stretch which will then feel very comfortable and sit high in life . It is slim-fit and has a flattering fit and will look great this fall with the finest beige the color. This is combined withWanderlust Hoodie - which is one of the favorites inloungewearcollection. The fit is super and it is great to wear, and since it is cropped it also fits perfect others with pants that are high in the waist.

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beige loungewear cropped hoodieribbestrikket tights med høyt liv


Comfortable and cool sweatshirt

Recharge Sweatshirt is a delicious and comfortablesweatshirt. The sweater has a light and elastic substance that feels soft against the skin. Comfort is one of the main advantages of this sweater, and crewnecken gives you exactly what you are looking for. It can be used to and from training, and is fantastic to chill in.

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grå collegegenser i elastisk stoffsvart collegenser med matchende joggebukse


The college sweater fits perfectly with the autumn wardrobe as it has many practical styling options. You can easily match it with oneturtleneck andjeans to get a cool look. It is also possible to style it with itsmatching sweatpants, orshorts, to get a chill look.

The colors of autumn

This year's autumn color is chocolate brown. This color is a softer alternative to the classic black color which is a favorite with many. We have several garments in chocolate brown, here are some recommendations:

Wonder stretch jacket        Scrunch tights

 Brun allværsjakke     Brun scrunch tights

Adapt scrunchie tights      Adapt scrunchie sports well

Brun sømløs tights     Brun scrunch sports-bh med pads


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