De beste turshortsene

The best hiking shorts

For the best hiking experience, it is essential with good clothes that you feel comfortable in. At the same time as it is important to wear warm clothes on cold days, it is just as necessary to have comfortable clothes for warmer times. When your heart rate increases, it can be nice not to wear too much, and a hiking shorts are often a perfect choice for the trip.


Field shorts - limited edition turshorts

These shorts are equipped with practical and large pockets so you can take your mobile phone, wallet, keys and more with you on the trip. The shorts have a high waist so that it fits well on the body while you are active. At the same time as the outdoor garment is airy and comfortable with its short fit, it is still long enough to avoid friction and painful wounds between the legs.

Beste turshorts med høyt liv og god stretch     Beste turshorts med høyt liv og god stretch



Pace running shorts 

If you prefer a simpler variant with thinner fabric, this hiking shorts are a good alternative! The shorts have a high waist and two layers so that it has a loose fit in parallel with the fact that it fits well to the thighs throughout the trip.

Grå tolags turshorts    Grå tolags turshorts bakfra



Antislip biker shorts 

These training shorts are made of non-slip material so that the shorts do not slip up or roll down during the trip. These cycling pants have a high waist and cover most of the thighs so that you can certainly avoid friction between the thighs.

Nærbile av antiskli treningshorts    Grå antiskli treningshorts

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