tips til langtur

Tips for the long haul

One of the biggest advantages of living in a country like Norway is the fantastic nature that is found in all parts of the country. Whether you want to walk along forests and fields, or hike up to the highest peaks, most things are within your reach and only a few hours away. In this guide, we have collected five tips for long trips - things you should think about and take into account when you go on a trip in different terrain and landscapes.


Plan your trip

It goes without saying, but some of it smartest and most important one can do before taking a long trip is to actually plan your trip . Where are you going What is the goal How long do you think you spend on the trip And have you calculated with the way back Should you spend the night at the finish line These are all questions that can quickly become relevant and that one should think about when it comes to planning but long.gtur.

Happily create a checklist before the trip of things that you think is wise to bring: Do you need map and compass? What kind of packed lunch should you bring, and do you have enough water? As a tour food tip, you may want to think about bringing food that will last a long time, things like gives a lot of energy and that satisfies well. After all, you are going on a long trip, and then it pays off good enough supplements of proteins and carbohydrates.

Check the weather forecast in advance. In Norway, you are often controlled by the weather, and whether it is minus degrees and snow or it is pouring down with torrential rain, these can be decisive factors that have a great influence on the quality of the trip in terms of how well prepared you are.


2. Dress well

One of the most important things to think about is to dress well when going on a long trip. It is a good idea to get a good hiking jacket that can withstand weather and wind so that you do not let yourself be hindered by turbulent and changing weather.

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Hiking clothes for women

Pace rain jacket is a jacket as breathes well , is easy to move in and can withstand being exposed to a lot of water.Turjakkenis equipped with ventilation zippers under the arms, practical pockets with waterproof zipper and velcro on the sleeves.Woolstretch jacket is made of a technical fabric in soft merino wool to secure maximum comfort and performance. Among various fabrics used in active sports, merino wool is the most ecological and technical choice.

svart regnjakke til dame  Svart turjakke til dame med merinoull

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At the same time, it's always smart to have a good one turbukse .Field slacks is a outdoor trousers which is a robust alternative with good stretch and a high life . The outer trousers is elastic and very durable , at the same time as it feels light on.Everest thermal pants is a slim fit alternative which is both wind and water repellent . The drug is hot , breathable and durable . The hiking trousers have velcro around the waist for an adjustable fit.

Blå robust turbukse til dame med stretch  Grønn turbukse som er vind- og vannavstøtende

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Wool underwear is a must on a long trip on colder days. Among our selection you will find wool sweaters, wool stilongs and wool socks - take a look atour wool clothes!
beste ullundertøy til dameTeknisk ulltøy til dame
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3. Bring necessary equipment: Hiking equipment tips

In addition to having to dress well for a long trip, it is also a good idea to have good equipment for the trip. Such as oursPace Headband which is a great headband for women that protects ears from sour wind and generally cold when traveling. If you want a headband that will fit well on your head, be elastic and transport moisture , this is a smart investment for the long haul.

Otherwise, it is always wise to wear a good hat.  Knitted beanie  gives you an edgy look while keeping the heat on the go.Warm gloves is a must on the colder trips.OursPace Winter Gloves is best suited for skiing, but can also be used as regular gloves on long trips.
Pannebånd til tur  Strikket lue til dame  svarte hansker til dame


4. Take good care of your fellow hiker

If you have a dog with you on a trip, it is important to dress them well and take care of them as much as you take care of yourself. That is, bring enough food, water and equipment that your dog needs. If you think it's cold, they probably think it's cold too.


5. Remember good mood

Last but not least, it is necessary to bring a good mood with you on a trip. Good mood on a trip is just as important as good equipment. A tip to make sure that everyone is in a good mood on a trip is to bring some quick glasses so that everyone on the long trip matches, and then we recommend ourActive Sunglasses.

sportsbriller til dame  Hvite sportsbriller til dame for tur
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