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Training in the office and at home

It is autumn, immediately winter, and most people are back to the "normal" everyday life with work, school, leisure activities, social life and training. For many, the latter can be difficult to achieve as often as they want, due to lack of time or other things that stand in the way or come up. Therefore, it can be one clever idea to combine work life and life at home with exercise - so that you get in some activity every day if one does not have time to dispose of it otherwise, which is incredibly important for good health .

On long days of sitting still, this can go beyond the attitude, to counteract this we have put together somesimple exercises to counteract bad posture.

If you need some inspiration and a guide to the best training clothes for women, you can check out our guide to training clothes for women onlinehere.

Important with a little exercise every day

It is incredibly important to move a little every day. One is recommended one minimum of 30 minutes of activity each day - and only half an hour is basically a fairly achievable window with time it should be possible to get a little active. The minimum thirty minutes can easily be achieved during the day in the office (when you are not so close with work tasks and meetings) or at home. Here we have made a guide to training in the office and at home simple tips and exercises one can achieve without necessarily so much equipment.

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Why work out in the office?

In the office, you usually sit very much at rest. There can be varied working days, either feels heavy or light, it may be a lot or little to do and it may be that you do not have time to think about anything other than what you do at work. For health reasons, it is probably not good to sit constantly still and not get exercise, in addition to being burdened with work tasks. That's why important to get on some kind of training in the office. 

trening på kontoret

In addition, one can get injuries or pain in muscles and joints by sitting too much at rest. Therefore, training in the office is something you should achieve, and can easily achieve. We have made a guide to what kind of training one can do for to prevent injuries, take a look here.

You may want to Invest in a good pair of sneakers with good damping if you want to avoid getting muscle and joint ailments from too much office hours. A pair of good sneakers for women that provide good support are Endorphin RX1 Sneakers:

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The great thing about these sneakers is that they provide good damping , so that one prevents muscle damage or pain in the body after sitting too much at rest or sitting too much in one position. These breathes well and has a chunky sole, which makes them very comfortable and provides good mobility. Thus,these sneakers for women perfect to wear at work, if you need new comfortable shoes for work and if you also plan to get some training during the working day, which is important for you to feel good.
beste joggesko til dame

Tips for training in the office

First it is important to "prepare" the body for exercise; this can be done by, for example, stretching, stretching a little. If you have some weights lying in the office, it is optimal, but it is not expected that you should bring lots of exercise equipment into your workplace. With the weights you can easily train some strength training while sitting in the office chair or if one is standing upright. If you do not have any weights or manuals present, you can use heavier books or office equipment that provide weight. Here you can do a little different exercises, either you can walk around with the weights or you can take a little lift or squat. Here we have made a guide to various strength exercises:The best strength exercises for the whole body.

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Why exercise at home

What is beneficial is to find out simple exercises that do not require much, since one is after all in the office and is limited in terms of time and space. Focus on simple muscle groups and find out good and simple stretching exercises.

Here you can read about why one should stretch after exercise.

tøye etter trening

Yoga Exercises From Home - Beginner's Guide.

beste yogaøvelser til hjemmetrening

It is a good idea to get good yoga clothes that help you perform, and at the same time are comfortable to wear. What is so nice about yoga clothes is that you can both train in them but also use them as regular loungewear at home. Check out our guide to the best yoga clothes for womenhere.

One big favorite is the training setRibbed Seamless Crop LS andRibbed Seamless Tights as yoga clothes for women :

beige ribbed treningssett til dame

Ribbed and seamless workout clothes are one big favorite and gives good, breathable movement . Read more about the best yoga clothes for womenhere.

Tips for training at home

Otherwise, for training at home, you can use weights or manuals if you have it at home, and take miscellaneous strength exercises.Ground lifting, squats, abdominal exercises and back exercises are examples of different sets one can take. Feel free to use some exercise bands when you take training at home or in the office, you can find them most elastic and durable training elasticshere:

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We have also made a guide to exercises you can do with exercise bands, which is very ideal to use at home: Training knit exercises.

If you do not have weights or dumbbells and you have children, you can also lift your kids, this is a fun activity that the kids also think is fun and will participate in. Here you spend time with the children at the same time as you get some training - a win-win situation and definitely an advantage of exercising at home.

The key word is simple, basic exercises. It should not be stress or a big strain to train at home. Find what you have and use it to your advantage! Be creative and get active, that's the most important thing.

grått treningssett dame

Advice from physiotherapist

Some remarks from a professional who can help prevent the risk of injuries related to home office, or days when you sit very still

General advice

  • Vary the sitting position.
  • Have support for the forearms.
  • Take breaks often during the working day.
  • Have a clear distinction between working hours and leisure time.

Advice on sitting position

  • Sit on a chair where you have your feet on the floor.
  • Most of the thighs should rest on the chair seat.
  • The chair seat may be higher at the rear than at the front, but not opposite
  • Approximately one fist distance between the kneecap and the chair seat is recommended to minimize the risk of swelling in the legs at the end of the day.

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