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Best climbing clothes 2021

Whether you are doing indoor climbing, bouldering or outdoor climbing, it is important to make sure that you have good clothes that give you the best possible starting point for performance. Climbing is a fun but demanding activity, so having the right clothes for the occasion is important to get the best possible climbing experience.

What should you think about when finding climbing clothes?

Use clothes that fit snugly enough against the body so that it stays in place and you do not have to get caught on boulders or twigs in nature. Also make sure that the clothes are flexible so that they allow plenty of movement in all kinds of directions!

Especially if you climb outdoors, you should wear clothes that cover the knees and elbows so that you avoid abrasions. Also make sure that the clothes are comfortable and that you can climb longer in them without becoming uncomfortable.


Indoor climbing

This super comfortablethe shorts is stable in the fabric and is excellent for indoor climbing. The shorts are great for hiking in the mountains in the summer and spring. It is short, elastic and very durable, which are a few features one should consider for the activity. This is a tour shorts that are in the top tier.

Shorts til tur og klatring  Shorts til tur og klatring

Antislip biker shorts is a light stretchy shorts that are excellent for training in hot temperatures. With high life and moisture-transporting properties, you will experience optimal comfort. With anti-slip around the waist, you will prevent the shorts from sliding down during climbing. The shorts are best suited for indoor use.

biker shorts grå  Biker shorts til dame

Choosing a training tights for climbing can never go wrong.Essential tights is a high waist training tights with good compression. With an anti-curl effect, the tights fit all body types, as the surface becomes smooth and fine. This is an absolute must have tights as it is durable with good hold in effect.

Grå treningstights dame  Svart treningstights dame


A functional t-shirt with elastic fabric that is suitable for both high and low-intensity training. A very good basic upper that is easy to match with most of the lower parts. This is a t-shirt with a snug fit, which will not disturb you.

Svart t-skjorte for klatring til dame  Grå behagelig t-skjorte til klatring


If you are looking for something that gives you more freedom of movement and respite, you can choose en simple and pretty crop top with fabric that breathes well and fits well on the body. Excellent for indoor use and warmer weather.

Svart seamless crop top til klatring  Blå klatretopp til dame


Outdoor climbing

Field slacks is a fantastic flexible trousers of durable fabric that are great for hiking and outdoor climbing. Like the shorts, these pants have the same characteristics.

Turbukser til klatring  Turbukse til klatring


Essential long sleeve is a fantastic and snug-fitting long-sleeved sweater with a zipper in the front. It keeps you warm when it's cool but also keeps you cool and dry in warmer weather. A versatile sweater for all types of climbing and all kinds of weather.
Tettsittende langermet genser  Tettsittende langermet genser


Fleek Stretch Jacket is a stretchy outer jacket that is both flexible and keeps the heat well. Excellent on cold days and fits well over a long-sleeved sweater and with field slacks if you are going out for a climb.

Jakke dame  Jakke til dame


Various accessories

To bring someone with yousports glasses always do the trick. Our sunglasses come with extra sets of lenses for a more vibrant look, in addition you can adjust the length of the glasses to get your perfect fit. With these sunglasses, you do not have to worry about the sun.

Svarte sportsbriller for klatring  Hvite raske briller for klatring


Another essential accessory is the headband. This is a must have for outdoor activities.Pace headbandabsorbs sweat well and keeps you warm in the cold, the material is very stretchy, in addition to not slipping down, the sports headband fits most people.
Pannebånd til dame  Svart pannebånd
Good climbing!
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