Morsgave, bursdagsgave eller gave til henne

Gift for her


Here you will find the gift tips which makes you want to find the gift that fits your recipient perfectly! You show that you care and that you have done the little extra to find something that suits her. Here you will find inspiration and some suggestions for gifts to surprise her with something very special for the various the occasions you are in. If you want a detailed guide on how to find the perfect gift for girlfriends,check out our article!

Below you will find gift tips for her and some of the typical recipients of gifts one can find - do you know any of them?


Christmas present for her

Something very essentially large parts of the year, is a good set of wool underwear . If there is another Christmas present tender or another Christmas present best friends your, this is a lovely Christmas gift . The tights have many nice ones benefits as that it does not itch, does not smell or curl. Give it to the one you want to stick with good and warm all year round!

rød ullundertøy som julegave til henne  rødt ullundertøy sett som julegave  rød ullundertøy topp som julegave til henne
Take a look at this article for more Christmas gift tips:Christmas gift 2022


For the freezer stick

For those who easily freeze and feel extra uncomfortable when the cold is near, can recognize themselves in being a freezer stick . There are various forms of remedies that can be used to make life better such as drinking hot beverages such as tea or coffee, or taking omega-3.

You can take a look at our suggestions below where you will find inspiration for maybe one Christmas present for her or you can look at the wholeour collection for warm cozy clothes

Gave til henne - koseklær   Svart hettegenser slim fit passform og komfortabel

Another thing you can do is to dress well if you want to just take it easy at home or generally relax. Picture on the left is a set we have put together that fits well for this -Here isthe sweater and here isthe pants!

The second thing you can do to stay warm is to move a lot. In the picture to the right you have a set that fits it perfectly - Here it isthe sweater and here isthe pants.


For the hiker

Is the one you want to give a gift to someone outdoor happy person, or maybe it is so that you are the one who loves to be in nature more often than others and wants to motivate girlfriend to join?

If it's part of a New Year's resolution or an agreement between you as friends or couples to get out more, then this is them best Christmas gifts which inspires to go more on tu . Check out the whole thingour hiking clothing collection here!

grønn treningsbukse med snøring i livet og to store lommer  Ullundertøysett som gave til den turglade  Svart jakke allsidig med lommer og hette


For the fitness enthusiast

To her who is happy to exercise knows that being comfortable in exercise is very important, and will probably with great gratitude receive exercise clothing that meets the criteria that make it comfortable to exercise.

If there is one friend , girlfriend or maybe it's yours tender who loves to exercise - here are some gift tips for it happy to exercise - Here isthe top and here isleggings

Beige treningstopp med lange ermer i lett, tynt og stretchy materialeSvart treningstights med snøring i livet og børstet innside 

Like what we mentioned to the hiker, you may want to get someone else motivated to start exercising. A new set of training clothes to get a good start on the training can help with motivation. Feel free to take a lookthe training tights andthe training tops our. We have also put together a list of tips toput together a nice workout set, and an overview of our besttraining tights.


Gift for mom

Finding a nice and caring gift to give to mom is always nice, whether it is on the occasion of a birthday or just because one wants to make her happy. You will probably give your mother a gift that you know she will enjoy and use often. Then we can recommend a good and warm sweater that reflects just her - good and warm. Here we have the softest and most delicious knit sweater for women:Chunky Knit Sweater

gave til mamma  Grå strikket turtleneck til dame


Gift for girlfriend

You often want to give your girlfriend something a little special, and you want to give something of good quality and that you know they will appreciate - maybe because it is a bestseller, or because they have heard that it is super good! To the girlfriend, especially if they are happy to exercise, we would recommend a good onetraining tights such as oursVortex Tights 2. This is the perfect gift for your girlfriend who likes to be active and who appreciates good quality training clothes. Whether your girlfriend likes to go for a walk, do yoga or do strength training, this is one of the best tights you can give her!

 gave til kjæresten treningstightsMørke blå treningstights til dame, gave til kjæreste


Gift for employees

If you want to give a gift to your employees, it can be difficult to decide exactly what, especially when you have many different people working and it is difficult to tailor the perfect gift to several people at once! Giving a gift to employees or colleagues is a nice thing to do to show consideration, and then we can recommend our very coolsports glasses, such asFusion sunglasses:

Svarte sportsbriller til dame  Gave til ansatte og kollega

Gift for sister

Finding a gift for a sister can be a demanding task, because it is not always as easy to understand what they want, but fortunately we at Famme have a wide selection of newclothes which will probably suit everyone's tastes. A nice and smart gift for a sister can be a good and delicioussweatpants which she can relax on the couch in, such as oursSelect Pants.

gave til søster  Svart velur bukse til dame med lommer bak


Or we can also recommend oursteddy jacket for lady, vizSherpa Teddy Jacket, as the perfect gift for sister, as it is soft, comfortable and has the world's best and most delicious fabric:
gave til søster teddyjakke  Hvit teddy jakke til dame, gavetips


To the one who has everything

For her who has everything, it can be difficult to find something that can be satisfying enough to give the same feeling as if it was something completely new to her. Jubilants or the recipient of Christmas present may not have clarified exactly what they want, or it may seem that they may not want anything at all 

Here are some tips that may be helpful!

Do some detective work and find out if there is something they are missing in what they are interested in, and then find out if there might be a need for something that you might be able to cover.

If it turns out that she actually has everything, take a look at the two characters we have mentioned in the paragraphs above that she may be able to recognize herself in or check out some selected collections below.

Then consider making a small one gift bag with different things from the collections above, this will give a surprise that can bring great joy!

You can also be on the safe side and buy one gift cards . You findthe gift cards our in different values from 50 to 1000kr, perfect if you and girlfriend - or your friend - wants to keep you within a budget for gifts.


Gift cards at stores

There are many stores with gift cards. For example XXL,, sport 1. We offer almost all of the textiles these stores at an often cheaper price for similar goods and we always offer free shipping. A great gift tip is therefore an electronic gift card for training clothes online! Check out oursgift cards.

Treningsklær på nett elektronisk gavekort
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