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Gift for a friend - Find the best gift tips!

Are you unsure what to buy in gift for girlfriend yours, whether it is for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. In any case, you want your friend to appreciate the gift. Take a look at this article, if you are wondering how to find the right gift.


A good friend is something you really value in life, and special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas you want to use to show how much they mean to you, in the form of gifts . Whether you should give a little attention or a bigger one friend gift , here we introduce some gift tips for a girlfriend .


Gift for a friend - under NOK 200

It can be relatively difficult to find one gift on budget if one has it. You may have several people to buy a gift for and thus want an overview of cheap gifts . At the same time, they want them to be experienced as exclusive, but at a reasonable price.

Fammes Seamless Crop Top is a bestseller, and falls in love with any fitness-loving soul. This can be a nice friend gift if she loves to exercise or likes to wear comfortable crop tops. Such crop tops fits well with tights with a high waist or sweatpants.

sort seamless crop top til høy og lav intensitetstrening rosa seamless crop top med elastisk stoff blå seamless crop top egnet til ulike typer trening


Famme has a number of other articles under budget such assocks for lady. It is a product you never really get enough of, and is something that can be hard to buy yourself. What is also nice about socks is that they are available in different lengths and fabrics, depending on your preferences. There'stennis socks,ankle socks,bamboo socks,wool socks and many more, after different uses, and occasion.

hvite ankelsokker famme hvite tennissokker lange
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A practical thing to give to a friend who is out and about a lot, and wants to bring as few things as possible, is awrist straps. This makes it easier to bring keys, change or other small items with you when, for example, you are on a small trip or at the fitness center. It has a zipper so that you can safely store, for example, AirPods, when you do not have them in your ear.

håndleddbånd med praktisk lomme til oppbevaring av nøklerhåndleddbånd med praktisk lomme til oppbevaring av nøkler


Gift for friends - under NOK 350

A good friend often lasts a lifetime, and you want to show that you appreciate them. At the same time, they can quickly become expensive, but it is also very easy to treat their girlfriends a good girlfriend gifts.

To match the crop top, a sports bra can also be a nice to give to a girlfriend. If you are a training friend, this idea can be great, or if you know that your friend uses a lottraining bra. A bra with good support works wonders for a workout, and can quickly make you this year's girlfriend. Read more here about how to find itproper sports bra.

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Best in test:Sports bra 

sports bh med god støtte som holder brystene på plass  seamless camo trenings bh med god passform


Another friend gift that does not really go out of date, and which is considered a practical and nice gift isa headband. The mid-seasons such as spring and autumn can bring with them some cold days, and you may want to have a headband lying around. A headband in black or white can easily match different autumn and spring jackets, which makes it fit even better into the wardrobe. How nice it is then not if you have received it from a friend?

svart pannebånd egnet til løpinglett og sporty pannebånd i hvit, god kvalitet

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Christmas present for friends

Christmas is a cold holiday filled with cozy moments. For that reason, cozy clothes or loungewear for women can be a nice Christmas gift to his girlfriend. Such a gift can in many ways remind of, or create cozy memories together, where you can play board games or have a nice evening during the holidays. Here you can check outloungewear collection.

Take a look here for inspirationchoice of cuddly set, and read on here for tips onbig sweatpants.

OurWanderlust Hoodie is a cozy hoodie with breathable fabric that makes it very nice to use in both everyday life and when traveling. It is cropped, which makes it fit very well with trousers and tights with a high waist. It also has oneleggings which matches, and becomes a fine cozy clothes set , which becomes the perfect Christmas gift.

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ribbestrikket tights egnet som kosebukse  beige cropped hoodie med god komfort  grå loungewear hoodie med god passform


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Gift for a friend who is sporty

Sporty girlfriends can be hard to buy gifts for, but it does not have to beso very hard. Something any sporty person can recognize themselves in is that the equipment does not always last as long as one would like, and it must be replaced at some point. As a friend, it can therefore be nice to be one step ahead of giving exercise equipment or accessories as a gift. Famme has a good selection when it comes to such thingsaccessories, and it may be just what your girlfriend needs. A new set oftracksuits can be an example of a good gift, and fitness equipment to have at home . Here you can findtips on exercises, and create your own experience at home.

treningsstrikk som skaper motstand og aktiverer musklenetreningsstrikk som skaper motstand og aktiverer musklene

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A proposal for a gift can be onecaps, which can help keep hair away from the face. At the same time, it can be nice to take with you on a mountain hike or a walk so that you do not get sun in your eyes.

sort onesize caps med justerbar reimbehagelig og klassisk sort caps som beskytter mot sollys


Gift for pregnant girlfriend

Something that can be a little extra awkward is not being able to give anything to your pregnant girlfriend. It can often be natural to give baby clothes or interior items as a gift to this friend, but it does not have to be that way. Famme has launched one training tights for pregnant women, which is comfortable and soft.

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Gift for a friend who has everything

If you have a girlfriend who has absolutely everything, it can be very difficult to find something to give. What is possibly the best gift to give then is onegift cards where the friend herself can buy what she wants. Etelectronic gift card also makes it easier, if you are in a bit of a hurry with this year's gift shop.

digitalt gavekort til dame venninne eller kjæreste

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