Gave til henne for valentinsdagen, undertøy, koseklær og gavekort

Gift for her - Valentine's Day 2022

Make fun of your loved ones on 14 February.

Love day is a nice day where you can show a little extra consideration. It is important to appreciate each other. Such days make it easy in an otherwise hectic everyday life.

On the other hand, gifts are not always easy to find. Roses, chocolates and teddy bears are common valentine gifts. How about finding something like that lasts longer and have more benefit for themselves . Such as onetraining tights,delicious loungewear or a couplesneakers. These are gifts that last for many years, plus we can think of who we got it from every time we put it on.

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To stay up to date on what your loved one might want, you may want to keep up with trends andnews. Also check out ourssales and outlet, so you might find a unique offer that you can buy as a gift!

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Valentine's gift for her

Every year comes this romantic day, and you usually want to spend it with your girlfriend or those you love. It is a day where you spread a lot of love. A Valentine's gift gives a sweet attention to the one you love, and a great way to show that you appreciate them.

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Underwear as a valentine gift

One of the most common things to give to your partner in valentine gift isunderwear. Our underwear is not necessarily of the same kind as what one prefers to give for Valentine's Day, but they have their practical benefits. Ourseamless stringtruse is a soft and elastic underwear in moisture-transporting material. Since this panty is seamless, it is either no panty line ! This makes it very convenient to use in training, or under dresses - and it does not feel uncomfortable. Complete the set with oursseamless bralette. Give this in the valentine gift to your girlfriend both to follow the trend, but also to get practical benefits from new underwear.

Sømløs undertøy til valentinsdagen  Seamless bralette med kryssende stropper


Cozy clothes as a valentine gift

Do you and your girlfriend spend a lot of time in the sofa corner, or at home Then maybe cozy clothes be a great gift to give to Valentine's Day. Cozy clothes can indicate that you like to spend time with your partner, and that you are comfortable together. attach homemade gifts such as cutting cards for services, or a movie list of movies that you want to watch in the future. Quality time is for many a language of love, and therefore cozy clothes can be the perfect gift for some.

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Koseklær i valentinsgave  Loungewear for kosekveld med kjæresten

Training tights as a valentine gift

Are both you and your partner happy to exercise Spend several hours a week at the gym Maybe you can give your girlfriendn training clothes in valentine gift! You can basically never get enough of training clothes, and new training clothes are always fun to get. Not only is it nice to replace worn clothes, but the motivation flourishes a little extra when you show up at the gym with new and fresh fitness equipment.If you need help finding the right tights for your partner, read here.

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Rød scrunch tights  Rosa seamless tights


Gift card as a Valentine's gift

Are you a little late in finding a Valentine's gift for your girlfriend, and you do not want to give something as standard as roses or flowers, and chocolate Then you can buy with a gift cards from us, and your girlfriend can choose exactly what she wants. It will be a win-win.Read more about our gift card here. 

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