Hvordan trene rumpe?

Butt exercises for you

Our buttocks consist of three parts; Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. If you are interested in building a bigger butt, it is important that you are able to activate the butt before performing the exercises. Several of the exercises are often thigh and hip dominant. Here you get an introduction to how you can perform the exercises for the most benefit on the butt. Remember to be patient, the change does not happen overnight but if you are consistent and use enough load you will notice a big difference over time.

How to get started with exercise?

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How to activate the butt 

Almost all activities you perform on a daily basis have to do with the buttocks, at the same time this is one of the "lazy" muscles. Therefore, it is necessary that you activate this to get the most out of the exercises you do. A weak or inactive buttocks can lead to incorrect loading in exercises, which can cause damage to the body.

  1. Stretching : One of the most important things you do before you start the exercises is to stretch the body, this is to get flexibility and better blood circulation in the muscles to be used.Why warm up before exercise
  2. Light weights : Another way to activate your butt is to do the exercises gradually upwards. Say that you are going to take 60kg in squats, then you will start with the 20kg bar, then 40kg and finally 60kg and perform the exercise. Here you can either go up in the number of squats or down. Say that your exercise involves six repetitions. When you only use the bar, you will want to do ten repetitions. 40 is then eight repetitions and 60kg is six repetitions.


Butt exercises

Here we have gathered our favorite exercises to grab all the muscles in the buttocks, in both the shortened and extended phase.


This exercise activates the gluteus maximus.

Exercise the buttocks in the extended phase along with the front thighs. Remember that squats can be a thigh dominant exercise, so here the focus is on technique. The first thing to keep in mind is to have a narrow foot position; The feet should be at the width of the hip or shoulder. To be a butt dominant exercise, it is important that you push your hips back rather than bend your knees. Go as far down as you need to get full hip flexion, it can be useful to have small disc weights of 1.25kg that you put your heels in to get further down.

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Romanian field lift

This exercise activates the Gluteus maximus.

Exercise the buttocks in the extended phase along with the back thighs. You start the exercise in an upright position with a slight bend in the knees with the bar in your hands in front of you. Get your butt out and tighten your lower back. You should therefore have a tight and straight back, and as the buttocks are moved backwards, the upper body should be bent forwards, keep the focus on the buttocks. Make sure that the bar slides down along the body and never "falls" out of the line down towards the ground. When the bar is a little below the middle of the calf, stop the movement. Lift the bar up to the starting position by pushing the hips forward strongly while squeezing the buttocks muscles when you have completed the movement.

Hip thrust

This exercise activates the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius.

Exercise your buttocks in the shortened phase. In hip thrust, it is important that your gaze is straight forward, it is better that you get a double chin than that you throw your head back and get a neck sling. Tighten your abdomen and tilt your pelvis behind, bending your hips deeply and in a controlled manner toward the floor, then pushing your hips up with force as you press your heels into the floor.

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Pistol squat

Pistol squat has really taken over the internet in exercises that fascinate many. This exercise requires both stability in balance and strength in the legs. This is truly an exercise that everyone should try their hand at.


Side kick in cable

This exercise activates the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

Exercise the "upper buttocks". The left foot should go past the right foot in the starting position, this lengthens the glute medius, which stretches the muscle to maximum flexion.

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