Treningsguide til nybegynnere med øvelser og video

Training program for beginners

You may have gotten off to a good start with training, or you may be waiting for a new week to start again. No matter where you are, you do not have to wait for motivation to start. "Do not think, just perform", is one of the quotes I really stand for and live for. If you are still not convinced by the quote, you can read more about how to get started with training.

We have developed a strength training program for you who want to get started. As a beginner, you will achieve faster results. In the first instance, we would like to emphasize that this program is for you who want to become stronger. Equipment you need is;resistance band, bed / bench, stairs and water bottles. Feel free to use onetraining diary to keep up with the progression.

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Resistance band

How to understand exercise program

  • Rehearsals Number of times you perform an exercise

  • Set Number of laps you perform the repetition

  • RestKnown as the break, you have eventually seen

Example: 3 x 10 means three rounds with ten repetitions. If a + sign appears, it means ten repetitions per arm (right x10, left x10).

Training program

Best strength exercises for buttocks and thighs

  1. Hip thrust 3x 8
  2. Squat 4x 5
  3. Bulgarian split squat 3x 6
  4. One leg Romanian field lift 3x 8

Best strength exercises for arms

  1. Military press 3x 6
  2. Seated biceps curl 3x 8
  3. standing rowing (mini belt) 3x 10 + 10
  4. Seated rowing (mini belt) 3x 8

We're drivingtwo minute break after each set.


Butt and thigh exercises in detail

Hip thrust 3x 8

Here you train your buttocks, lower back and back thighs. Your starting position is to lie on your back either on the bed or on a bench with your knees bent and a bottle of water resting on your hips. Remember to tighten your abdominal muscles. You perform the movement by shooting your hips into the air, before lowering your buttocks to the floor.


Squat 4x 5

Here you train your buttocks and thighs. Your starting position is to stand straight forward with your legs apart and pointing outwards. You perform the movement by bending down at the hips and knees. The back should be straight during the exercise, and the heels on the ground. Then go up to the starting position. Remember that the knees should not slide inwards.


Bulgarian split squat 3x 6

This is an exercise one has a love-hate relationship with. Here you train the buttocks, back thighs and front thighs. Your starting position is by having one foot on the bed or bench, and the other foot on the floor at a good distance. You perform the movement by lowering your hips towards the floor so that your back knee comes close to the floor, before going up to the starting position.


One leg Romanian field lift 3x 8

Here you train the gluteal muscles and hoarding (back thighs). Your starting position is by standing on one leg. You perform the movement by bending one of your legs, and lifting it behind you while bending at the hip. Lower your upper body to the floor, while the hind leg follows you. Then go up to the starting position.


Strength exercises for arms

Military press 3x 6

Here you train the shoulder area and the triceps. Your starting position is by standing with a proud attitude and natural sway in the back. You perform the movement by pushing the bottles up in a straight motion until your elbows are stretched all the way over your head. Before lowering the bottles to the starting position. Remember to lean your head back slightly when the bottle passes.


Seated biceps curl 3x 8

Here you train the biceps. Your starting position is by leaning back in a chair with a bottle in each hand. Hold these up to the body with the palm facing the body, and the thumbs pointing forward. You perform the movement by lifting the bottles until they approach the shoulder area, before lowering them to the starting position.


Standing rowing (mini belt) 3x 10 + 10

Here you train your back, back shoulder and arms. Your starting position is by placing one foot on top of the resistance band. Grasp the elastic that is attached to the foot. With a slight bend in the knees, a good buckle in the back, and a hip that is pressed backwards so that the upper body comes forward. You perform the exercise by pulling the elastic towards you and squeezing the shoulder blades together.


Seated rowing (mini belt) 3x 8

Here you primarily train the lower back. Your starting position is by sitting on the floor with straight legs, heels on the floor and knitting under your feet. Hold the tight knit with straight arms and straight back. You perform the movement by pulling the elastic towards the abdomen, before taking it back to the starting position in a controlled manner. Remember that the arms should be close to the body, and the back should be straight.

All exercises can be made both easier and more advanced.

Training clothes for strength training

Buying exercise clothes can actually be one of the most motivating things to do. On days when it is very tempting to train, I often find myself in the closet looking for colorful or basic training clothes that get me ready for beast mode. It is often a good idea to know which activities to perform, according to the requirements of the clothes.

If you follow this post, you will want to have a squat-proof and hold in tights that do not slip down during the lower body exercises. Here is some of the selection of tights that are excellent for strength training.

If you want to see more of the selection of tights, look through ourstraining tights guide.

Treningstights som er squat-proof og har hold-inSquat-proof og hold-in effekt tightsCamo tights som er squat-proof med hold-in
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When it comes to choosing a sports bra, it is not necessary during strength training to emphasize that the training bra should have high support. When you train strength, you are not in constant motion, with jumping or running. On the other hand, one should choose a training bra that has medium support.

read more abouttraining bra after support.

Medium-support treningsbh med scrunch Medium-support treningsbh ombreMedium-support treningsbh camo


Choosing a training top, on the other hand, is a more difficult choice, as much of it carries what one likes best. Whether you feel comfortable in cropped, long-sleeve, tank-top or t-shirts, we have a large selection.

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Komfortabel treningsgenser T-skjorte i teknisk materialeTank-top til trening

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Benefits of strength training

Not only is strength training positive for muscle growth or increasing strength in the body. There are a number of positive benefits that also come from this. A few examples are; a better posture, better equipped against stress injuries and reduces osteoporosis. In addition, you are less prone to muscle aches and get a higher metabolism.

How to create your own exercise program

It is not always necessary to book PT classes or get a coach to create a customized training program. Developing a program is actually not difficult, - but it often takes time and is demanding in the beginning in terms of progression and what goals you want. Here you get some simple tips on how to best develop an exercise program.

  1. Objective: What is the goal Do you want to get better at running, what is the goal in distance, do you want to become stronger or get more muscle growth Remember that the more precise you can be with the goal the better it will be with an exercise program.. 
  2. Time available: How much time do you have available during a week Remember to be realistic, do not write down five days, if you are going to train two to three days a week. 
  3. Think simple: Many people tend to think overcomplicatedly about the number of sets, repetitions, exercises, etc. "Less is more4-5 exercises during a workout are better than 10-12 exercises.
  4. Choose exercises: Do research. Follow different coaches on Instagram, find out which exercises are repeated and have basic exercises to cover the basics (deadlift, squats, bench press, pull-down etc ..)
  5. Number of repetitions and sets: For muscle growth, one increases in repetition with less set e.g. 3 * 12. To increase the strength, one goes both in repetition, with several sets, e.g. 5 * 5. For maximum effect, always lie 2-3 repetitions below max lift. This means that if you take 50kg in deadlift 5 * 5 then you should be able to lift the bar 7 times, if you do not do this then you must reduce the number of kg.
  6. Progression : Give your exercise program time, before changing exercises. Monthly check your progression, you have managed to lift more at the end of the month than at the beginning. Everything takes time, changes do not happen overnight, so it is extremely important to be realistic and not create too high expectations. 
  7. Progress and log: Always measure everything you do. Check continuous progress, preferably not every day or every week, but regularly enough to see that what you have done has an effect. Log what you lifted in the different months. For example, you can check your maximum lifts are four times a year. To get a pointer.


Protein Powder, Pre-workout and Creatine

Another tip for beginners is to use protein powder, creatine and pre-workout! This can help you see results faster, which will further boost your motivation.

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