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How to get started with exercise

Do you want to start exercising , or start training after a period without Missing the right one the training motivation to get started?

Tips to get started with your workout

Exercise with others

Exercising with others makes it easier to recover from exercise. It can be more difficult to skip training when you have an appointment with a friend or others. It can also be a little extra motivating and fun when you have someone to train with.

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Home training

Exercise at home provides more flexibility. For some, getting to the gym can be a little extra demanding, and the doorstep mile is long. For others, exercising with many others around them can be uncomfortable. Home training can be a good way to put in place a workout routine that works for you. It does not take many devices to get a good enough workout, and you can use your imagination and furniture as an aid. There are also some companies or PT that offer online training either on the website or Youtube, so you can easily follow the session from the living room.

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Be happy to run

Running is one of the best and easiest forms of exercise, and a great way to get in shape. Whether you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, listen to music or a podcast and feel the wind or generally experience nature - this is a perfect form of exercise. Nor is there anything that stops one from combining this with a friend or partner - take a little run-date or just help encourage each other!

Getting started with running is not a complicated task as the hardest part is actually getting started. It demands minimal equipment , you can start running as soon as you get out the door and it does not require that you have advanced things like GPS watches, complicated training plans or any course in how you should run.

To embroider the latter, there are some things one should actually have for running. Not to mention good shoes and appropriate clothing , it is very important to make a plan for yourself and possibly with a running partner (s). The plan will strengthen the motivation, act encouraging and make a gira for the next time!

Initially, it's okay with just how often you want to set aside for the run and a 30 minute session is perfect, but feel free to build on how much   and how fast eventually. And feel free to include variation for the location you run in. If you run in your local area, see if you can get out in the forest or find one path .

Last but not least, set goals. Motivation can be closely linked to a specific goal in many cases. Make it simple, but make sure they are realistic, measurable and timed. As mentioned earlier, 30 minutes is a perfect start. Try to set yourself a goal that you are constantly trying to run for 30 minutes and that you should be able to do it within a certain time.

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Relevant articles regarding running:

Create an exercise program

Ettraining program can be a tool so you can plan your workouts while logging your performance. This can be both motivating to look back on, but also make the training more exciting to complete. It is so that you often feel more secure if you have a plan of what is going to happen, and this function has one training diary . It can be easier to complete the training session if you know what is going to happen in training. Lack of a plan can lead to a bad session, especially if you have not trained so much before.

Take pictures along the way so you can easily look back on the progression. For many, it can be very motivating to look at their own progress. The results may be more visible than you think, so it can be motivating to compare the pictures after a while.

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Get a personal trainer

For some it may be to get to training if you have one Personal Trainer . For many it can be more binding than exercising with a friend. Such a firm agreement can be crucial, and what is needed to actually maintain the training. This can be useful either if you are struggling with motivation, or if you are unsure of which exercises to perform to achieve the results you want. A NPT can ensure that you get a training program that is tailored to you, and there is less risk of either incurring injuries or overloads. For some, it lasts only a few hours with a personal trainer, and takes advantage of this to get started with the training.

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Find inspiration on social media

Social media makes it easier for you to find inspiration for various exercises you can carry out both at the gym and during home training. There are many influencers who make good and descriptive sessions, and attach a video of the implementation of the exercises. This is a useful tool if you are unsure of how an exercise is carried out in practice, or if you do not dare to try your hand at training. This can help you become more confident on those machines, or the exercises at the gym.

Ps: Save the videos you want to use so you can easily find them again! 

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Buy new exercise equipment

Newfitness equipment can provide motivation, and opens up the possibility of other exercises you can do both at home and in the studio. One type of exercise equipment that can be used for many exercise exercises is onetraining elastic. These are a great addition to your workout as there are three strength levels on them; light, medium and hard. In addition, they are easy to take with you, and the possibilities are therefore many. A practical gymbag for storage of the most essential to the training you will findhere.

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Buy new training clothes

New training clothes can give a proper motivation boost. Feeling good at training is important for you to perform well, but also feel safe at the gym. Choose clothes you feel good in and you can seeour selection here.

Exercise clothing not only improves performance during a workout, but it can really motivate you to get started. If you feel good and comfortable, you also get a positive mindset that helps you put more energy into reaching your goal. We have everything you need to get the complete outfit for training, see our selection ofmatching workout set here.

Et matching training set in a trendy design is currently very popular. With ahighwaist tights you can use onesports bra as a top. Is it so that you prefer anotherupper part, we have guaranteed something you will be happy with. Our tights are not transparent, and squatproof and fit well in the waist, so you can feel comfortable during the workout.

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Svart seamless tights med høyt liv  Treningsgenser med glidelås

Make sure you have good sneakers

Good sneakers can be crucial for performance and maximum performance during a workout. We have developed sneakers that are on a par with renowned Hoka when it comes to cushioning. The shoes are perfect for running both on a treadmill and in terrain. You will find oursEndorphin Rx1 Running Shoes here! Check out ourssneakers that are suitable for both training and work.

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Myths about exercise

There is a lot of misinformation, and you hear a lot of strange things when it comes to exercise and health. It can be difficult to distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction. Here you will find a clarification of the myths one often hears about exercise.

You burn more fat with low-intensity exercise

There may be some truth in this. Even if you burn less fat and higher carbohydrates during high-intensity exercise, the total number of calories you burn is higher. Once the body has used up the carbohydrates, it "attacks" the fat. You burn a higher proportion of fat at low intensity, but the total has a lot to say. One has slightly higher metabolism after high-intensity training.

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You get away by exercising certain parts of the body

It is not the case that you get a six-pack, for example, just by taking situps. You have to train the rest of the body as well to get a visible effect. The fat layer on the abdomen also does not disappear by just doing abdominal exercises. It does not pay to focus on only one muscle group at a time, but all if you want to see visible results.

Soreness the day after the training session has been good

There is nothing to suggest that the muscle is not affected by the training even if you do not get numb. It is therefore not necessary to have a goal of getting stale after a workout.

Running burns as much as cycling

Running burns more calories than cycling, considering that effort time and load are equal. It is so that running requires constant work and you get no "breaks" in the work. Breaks are more frequent in cycling at, for example, downhills where far less energy is required.

Running requires muscle work in both the lower and upper body, but cycling only requires the lower body. This means that the total energy consumption is lower.

Running puts more strain because you train with your own body weight. The bike itself helps you carry your body weight.

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Cloth after exercise to avoid soreness

Stretching provides increased mobility that provides better coordination and counteracts injuries, but there is no evidence that stretching helps with soreness. Soreness occurs when you expose the body to unfamiliar loads, and it may be worthwhile to start calmly and gradually increase the load.

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Protein powder and pre-workout for exercise

Another tip to get started with your workout is to useprotein powder,creatine andpre-workout! This will give the training an extra boost, and it is easier to see quick results.

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